Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Made It - July 27 - Crunch Time

Ok everyone!!!!  Getting real here!  I have one week and one day and it's on!!  I feel like my summer just started and now it's almost over and I have flipped into a tiny bit of panic mode...BUT, I am really going to try to chill out, enjoy my last week and take it one day at a time!!

I have found that I am much more productive in "panic" mode....not sure hubs likes that but....
My first made student homework folders.  Each year I buy and set up a folder for my kiddos for their homework.  This year I decided to bite the bullet and get the folders that were a little more heavy duty than the paper ones.  They use them every single the past I have had to replace several paper so I'm hoping these will survive the school year;)

I made these adorable labels for their folders and I just LOVE them.  I can't ever get enough of From the Pond's Scrappy Kids!!!

I'm also really hoping that the labels don't peel off easy!  I will be soooo bummed if that happens:/
Still not done with these:)  Have to set up the inside too!  That will be a different made it:)
Hubby got in on the made its this week!  Side note....I have a fun little chat with Alison from Rockin and Lovin Learning.  She messaged me to tell me her husband was worried she was gonna miss out getting her Monday Made It done...too funny.  When the men know about Monday Made It, it's some serious stuff!  Lol.  So anyway, my husband helped this week and I have big plans for him in the next few weeks too!  Shhh!  Just don't tell him that;)
I found this little metal table a while ago at a thrift store for super cheap and it really wasn't doing anything but gathering  So I decided to have hubs paint it and I'm going to bring it into my classroom!
Love me some turquoise!!!  Can't wait to find a place for this in my classroom:)
Made a few more things for my classroom in my new colors!

I had these up in other colors last year. 
I'm hoping to go in one day this week to get my decorating done...well,!
I even had time to squeeze in a home made it!  
I have this plain, bare window in front of my just needed something:/  I saw a pic on IG and fell in love and decided that's what it needed!
Before.....and the windows are all foggy because it's been raining nonstop and the humidity is horrible!
After:)  Kinda love it!!

These aren't quite done yet....I didn't get my ribbon for them yet because I'm waiting for the
These are the name tags for our book luggage:)  I usually make round ones but decided to switch it up a little and see if I liked these:)

I have a million things started, not finished, not started, on my to do list, all over my dining room table.....haha!!  Maybe next week!!

Now it's your turn!  I'll just add all the wonderful things ya'll link up to my!   Thank you for stopping by and thank you for linking up:)  Please don't forget to leave some love on the blogs you visit!!!  I know comments and emails make my day:)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Made It - July 20

Ok all.....I could have my Monday Made It be the fact that I made it to and from Vegas and:
A) Didn't freak out completely on the plane
B) Didn't get lost at the Dallas airport
C) Didn't have a meltdown in the crowds....
but I won't bore ya'll with that.  I am hoping to get my act together and blog about the trip and all the amazing and wonderful people I met and learned from!!!

Now, on to my made its for this week!
My first made it is a total copy and inspired by the sweet Courtney from Ramona Recommends, who hosted Monday Made It last week!
Can I just say that I am pretty sure that these are the last Dollar Spot clips in the world?!  I have looked foreverrrrr!
So Courtney made adorable magnets out of these and I loved them so had to have a set for me!

All ready for my classroom!
My second made it is also Courtney inspired.  Last week she also talked about her "Chit Chat Sticks".
I LOVE the idea behind many fun ways to use them!!  
The jar is of course from the Dollar Spot at Target.
Just love how this turned out and can't wait to use them this year!
You can read about her post HERE and you can get her adorable labels HERE.
If you haven't visited her blog, you must.  She is just the sweetest, inside and out and has such a contagious passion for reading!!!  Adore her!!
My next made it is for my home.  I had this blank space on a little wall section that needed something....well, I found this super cool "shelf" on clearance at Hobby Lobby:)
It's super chippy and rustic with gold:)  And guess what?  The center is magnetic!
Now....if this was truly a me made it, I would have made magnets BUT I found these on clearance at Marshalls so......
So there's that.  Now I have a fun place to hang all my lists and notes!

This made it was on my FB fan page last week:)  I don't know about you but I can't remember all my own passwords and then I have students asking me theirs!!!!!  So a while back I made these Login Loops.  Well, I made a second set to match my new classroom colors this year!

I forgot to make one for me when I made my class set, so I just wrote my name on a blank one.
Each student gets their own set and they keep them in their book luggage:)  Worked great last year!  These are a FREEBIE in my TPT shop if you are interested, you can get them HERE.
Finally, my last made it is team tubs.
I found these tubs at Hobby Lobby for sooo cheap!  Trust me, it was time to replace the ones I had.
I LOVE, LOVE this burlap ribbon with chevron....I'm going to try to use some on my bulletin boards too;)
The signs I used on the tubs are actually the big round signs from my Kids & Colors Collection...I just printed them 2 to a page instead of one and that made them the perfect size!
So excited to be bringing some pink into my classroom this year!!!

Alrighty, it's your turn!  I am running out of summer ya' in 2:/  Can't wait to see what you add that I can add to one of my lists....and then hang it on my new board;)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Multiple Choice Fans

Today I am re-posting about my multiple choice fans.  These little "tools" have been a staple in my classroom for the past several years! 

I made them years ago kind of out of necessity because we had materials in our classroom that could not be written in....I had to come up with a way to "assess" my students thinking/choices with the questions.  Sure, we could have gone the old paper/pencil route but what fun is that?

I decided to make multiple choice fans.  (well, my husband helped a LOT)  I have posted about these before, you can find the links to those posts below. They have changed over the years but the "basics" are still the same.

There are lots of ways to make these:
-You can make these super simple by just writing the letters on the sticks. 
- You can write A, B, C, D all on the same stick so each student would only need one. 
-You can put letter stickers on one stick (top,bottom,front,back)

The way I made them:
1) hubs drilled little holes in the bottom of each stick
2) Then I put on the stickers and added a layer of mod podge so they lasted and the stickers didn't peel off
3) After they are dry, attach them with a little nut, bolt, and washer.

I use these the most in small groups!  The kids get so excited when I pull out my little bin with all the fans in it:)

Once we get to a question, depending on the group, either I read it or they read it themselves and choose their answer but don't share it.  Once everyone is done, I say something like "show me in 3, 2, 1" and then all the sticks come up at once.  That way, they aren't looking at each others and changing answers. 
It's a super quick way for me to assess and fun for them.  If I see wrong answers, we review and chat about it.  I do have the occasional student who decides to get creative and make his fan into a helicopter propeller and then proceed to spin in on the table.....just keeping it real here.  Of course I have had to adapt to my, I hand out the sticks but tell them they can't pick them up until we are ready to answer;)   

Here are the links to other posts where I have talked about these or shown pics. 

I hope this is something you can add to your "teacher toolbox"!