Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Reporting FUN!!!

Jen Runde, I LOVE you!!! 
We just had the best time last week with book reports?  Those aren't fun...the kids don't usually like them, they don't do a great job, they're boring........
WELL, our book reports were amazing thanks to Jen Runde and her awesome Paper Bag Character Study packet!
These were so fun!  The kids really dug into their reading!  It was also a great way to stir up some interest in other books that some of my kids may have never considered but are now interested after hearing a little about them:)
Here are some pics of the individual projects:)
My absolute FAVE part of this project was the kids having to fill their bags with 10 things that connect/relate to that character.  Some of my kids really got into this by making things out of clay:)
I loved how creative they got with relating to their character and the items they chose.
Some of the items were really ingenious:)  I love how this student made an acrostic with the word positive which was a word that described his character! 
This girl was really creative with her choices and even dressed like her character for the day of her presentation!  I forgot to get a pic:/

Just a peek at the items chosen and made for their projects tells me that most of my kids have a great passion for reading and they really enjoyed sharing that with the class through this project!  Thank you Jen for creating such amazing products that my kids so enjoy!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Symmetry, Reflection, Name Bugs

I do these name bugs every year because the kids LOVE them so much!  It's also a fun review/lesson for symmetry and reflection.  I'm pretty sure I've posted about these before but don't think I've given instructions...if so, of year teacher brain:/  Lots of pics ahead....a mini tutorial and some final products:)
Start with a plain piece of white paper.
Fold it in half...we say hotdog:)
Write or print your first name.  I have to remind my kiddos to do it pretty big.  If it's too small the bug won't look cool and their name will be lost in the pic.
Go over the pencil with black marker.
Fold it back in will be able to see the black marker thru the paper....
Trace over that with the black marker again.
When you open it, you can see it thru the paper and you will need to trace it one more time.
Now you have the name on both sides.  I tell my kids to take their time so it's as close as possible to the other side...rushing messes it up and you lose the symmetry.
Now the fun begins!  Use a pencil and make your bug!! 

I only let them use black on their names so the name "pops" out of the picture when it's done:)
Hope this is something you can use and your kiddos will enjoy!!
Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Teacher Anchor Launch

So excited!
Look what launched yesterday!  The 2015-2016 Teacher Anchor from C. Jayne Teach.
Beauty and organization all wrapped into one gorgeous package:)  You have to check it out!
Have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Earth Day - After the Fact...

Yes, I'm going to post about Earth Day.....yes, I know it's late....BUT I hope you see some fab ideas you can use and/or pin for next year:)  So buckle up and get ready for a bunch of pics and fun!
We started our day with this wonderful product from my buddy Ladybugs!
I can't even tell you how much fun my kiddos had with this AND it had a lot of the vocabulary words that we were studying in Science!!  Win, win!!
The kids worked in teams to decode the scrambled words!  I love the way she has this entire packet set up!

They worked hard and even had to pull in their dry erase boards to try to unscramble:)
We are still working on "part 2" of this packet which is designing a "green" classroom:)
After they spent quite a while working on their Earth Day Word Work, they needed a little break.  Next on the to do list was making a biosphere!  I did quite a bit of reading/researching about biospheres before I decided to tackle this project.  The original project I was going from suggested snails and ghost shrimp in the biosphere.  I went to a couple of pet shops and asked quite a few questions and explained what I was doing.  The last pet store I went to was quite helpful.  The girl helping me there said ghost shrimp aren't very hardy and may die quite quickly....well, didn't really want to traumatize the kids with that.  She said I had a few other options: one being a fiddler crab BUT if I had that, I couldn't have snails because he would eat them:/  My other option was a African dwarf frog.  Well, that's what I went with.
The girl was so nice, she even printed out several fact sheets about the frog for my students:)
You will also need plants (I got these from the pet store), rocks, pond water, distilled water, and a jar that can seal.
Here's our little frog and one of the 2 snails I got:)
Put everything in....seal it up and you're set.  P.S. did you know snails can't "right" themselves very easily?  Well, me either!!  So we had to set them carefully onto the bottom.
It will be a week tomorrow and everyone is doing great and the jar is as clear as ever!  We actually made a second biosphere:)  It's just waiting for me to get back to the pet store for some more critters:)
Give biospheres a try.  Super fun and the kids were beyond excited to do it!
Of course, it wouldn't be Earth Day without The Lorax:)
So made this treat and they snacked while I read:)
What on Earth would I do without Pinterest?!?!?!?!
Have a wonderful rest of your week:)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Favorite Quotes Board

Hello!  I am thrilled to be linking up with the Bright Ideas Crew this month!!!
I wanted to share with you a board I made for my classroom.  I have a group of INCREDIBLE readers this year!  They are fab readers and thoughtful readers.  They really dig into their reading (and they love to be read to as well:).  To promote "digging into" what they are reading in a deeper way, I made a favorite quotes board. 
It's really easy to make!  I just used some black foam core and added a little duct tape around the edges to make it cute:)  I also added the letters.
As soon as I introduced it, the kids were nuts about looking for quotes to write on it.  I told them they had to be special or meaningful to them or the story....they couldn't just write any old sentence.

I am loving what they are coming up with.  Some of these quotes are fab!  I'm finding the quotes also stir up interest in the books they are coming from and make the kids excited about reading!

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For more bright ideas from other bloggers, please browse through the link-up below and choose a topic/grade level that interests you!  Thanks for visiting:)