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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Word Nerds Update....So Love this Book!!!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday.  I wanted to give you an update on how our journey with Word Nerds is going.  I continue to love it more and more and I delve in a little deeper each week with my kiddos.  This last vocabulary cycle we tried another activity....Counting Dude, Bragging Dude...
Wearing their lanyards, they had to pair up.  The lanyards have our vocabulary words and synonyms and antonyms of those words....enough so that everyone has a lanyard.  Once they pair up, they introduce themselves as their word.  Bragging Dude gives a 7up sentence...Counting Dude counts to make sure it's 7 words or more and that they used the word right.  Then they switch.
Here are a couple videos of the kiddos doing it:)
Here's another...
They had all kinds of fun doing this and it really is helping them learn and expand their vocabulary.
We also did our Color Words
and our Word Illustrations....they just get better each time!

I'll say it again....if you haven't bought and read Word Nerds....YOU MUST!!!
Had to share this t-shirt one of my kiddos wore this week....on what day?????
Woot! Woot!  Love it:)
Also, having a sale today at my TPT shop for Super Bowl!  20% off everything:)
Have a great week everyone!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday 5

Linking up randomness from my week for Doodle Bug's
If you read my last blog post, you know I read the book Word Nerds and am soooooo jazzed up about it!!!!  Well we did another activity from the book.  We did word illustrations.  The book is full of ideas and example they showed was illustrations similar to the ones we put in our vocab journals.  Then they gave examples of kids putting the pictures right into the letters of each word.  Well I showed my kids the examples and I was SO EXCITED with what they came up with for their first try at this.

I just LOVE how these all turned out!!!!  It really shows me they understand the vocabulary.

And are ya ready for this???????  Are ya?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
They had their test on these words and EVERY kid in my class got a perfect score except one and he only missed ONE!!!!!!  That's amazing considering I have 4 ELL students and some consult kiddos!!!!  I am so excited about this book and trying out some of the other ideas in it:))))  If you missed my post on Word Nerds, you can see it HERE:)
A  few weeks ago I got new glasses....the classroom kiddos still aren't used to them.....
one of my teamies kiddos said I looked like a witch and one of my own said I looked like an old lady.....hmmm.......Oh well, ya win some and ya lose some:/
We had our fab Flashlight Friday again today!  The "newness" and fabulousness has not worn off!  They LOVE it!  Beg for it and are as quiet as mice when the lights are off and they are reading:)
If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this hot mess......the PILE monster has been in my room this week......several times.....he's following me:(
Finally, we ended our Literacy week with a vocabulary parade a la Miss Alaineus style:)
The kids had a blast and some of them came up with some great words and outfits!

LOVE this one:)

This was my word!  Any excuse to wear jammies and a robe to school:)) 
Happy 3 day weekend everyone!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday Time

Joining Doodle Bug's again for her 5 random things linky
and here I go....
Monday was our first day back after a WEEK off for Thanksgiving (sooooo thankful for that time) and one of my kiddos asked why there was still a scarecrow on my door.  Well because I left on 2 wheels the last day before break and didn't get my Christmas/Winter out yet.   No, I didn't tell him that, so I stayed late Monday and got out my Christmas/Winter and changed my door out to our Winter Moose:)  He makes me smile!
This is my hot mess of a desk/guided reading/small group table.....I can't seem to find the surface of it lately:(((

We made some vocab foldables.  The kids love making these and it really helps them with understanding meaning:)

I bought a huge pack of gel pens....neon and metallic at Wally World.  Today I broke them out for our writing.  We are writing our tails off because the state writing test is fast approaching.  Lots of writing sometimes gets old so I try to change it up a little at times.  Well these pens were a HIT!!!!  The kids were sooooo focused and so neat!  They loved them:)
Blossom was back in the classroom this week!  Made the kids so happy and LOOK!  She is studying too!!!  Blossom LOVES her some Tattooed Teacher Genre Posters!!!!
Don't forget......Monday is the second Monday of the month and you know what that means???
That's right!!!  Come back and link up with your creativity and Christmas ideas:)))
Have a blessed weekend all!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Made It - January Edition!!

Happy New Year!  
Happy craftin' and planning as 
Christmas break has ended and the new year has started!

Leave it to me to put my craftin' off until the last dog gone minute!!!  
Thank the Lord for my amazing daughter!!!

Here we go with this month's Made Its:
Home Made It:
I actually got to do (or should I say Tay got to do) a home made it this month.
It is not done yet.......

I have had something like this pinned and on my to do list forever....LOVE the gray stripes still needs something....some kind of embellishment....
any thoughts anyone????
Tried this.....
and this....liking this the best...

This is one possibility...still working on it, but LOVE the letter:)

Classroom Made Its:
Ok, didn't make these.....printed, laminated, and cut them out!
These adorable fractions centers are by the super sweet Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper!
Holly blessed me with these as a random act of Christmas kindness!
How lucky am I?
They are adorable beyond words and are going to be so great to use with my Math workshop!!  
Go check out the entire set (the pics are only half of them) at Holly's TPT store:)
Next classroom Made It:
I found the cutest little matte and shiny plastic hearts at Hobby Lobby and knew they
would be good for something.
Tay (my little helper) used a white paint pen and put numbers on some
for a fun, quick math center....pick hearts and multiply, add, subtract...whatevs...

She also made 2 sets of letters for a word work spelling activity.
Kinda fun, right?  Gotta squeeze in the fun whenever I can with the lovely state assessments heading at us:/

Next Made It:
I'm super excited about this math center activity I took forever....not because it was all that difficult BUT because I was on my new computer and it is VERY different.......VERY!  
The adorable pencil clip art is by 
She has super cute stuff!  I bought more...just haven't had the time to make
next month's Made It:)
This set is for practicing and solving algebraic expressions.  Can't wait for my kiddos to
get to use this:)  There's lots of expressions and ways to use this.  
If you want to read more about it, you can check it out here TPT.

Thanks bunches for popping by!  Don't forget this linky is open all month
 so please link up when you get a sec:)
Don't forget to grab my button when you link up;)