Another Fab Find at Marshalls:)

Too cute!  In the same spot I found the adorable magnetic letters (see previous blog) I found this super cute paper punch.  Super cheap, $3.00 with bugs on it.  I have a few different ones of these.  I use them when I am grading their writing papers and do a little punch out at the top of the page (butterfly, teddy bear, heart), the kids love to get their papers back and see what punch out they got.  I also like to use them to grade any old paper....again, the kids love it.  Makes it a little fun and isn't that what it always should be? :)



  1. OOoh, I never thought about using punches on graded papers! Great idea ;)

  2. Totally loving your site {I've blog stalked it all morning!} Super cute ideas! And absolutely love this one!
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade


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