The Book Whisperer - It's a Gotta Have!

So when The Book Whisperer book club talk all started, I thought, I'll join in and see what it's all about.  So, I went to the library and checked it out.  Read the intro. and first chapter and decided the library book isn't going to be working out to hot for me:/  There was too much I wanted to highlight and stickie note!!  So today went to lovely Books a Million and bought the only copy they had!!!  And yes, just re-read chapter 1 and highlighted away and started chapter 2!  Seriously people, if you haven't, you have to read this book:))
Just sharing:)


  1. I love booksamillion. I'm jealous you have a store nearby. I have to settle with the internet.

  2. I have it on "hold" at the library. But based on your post.....I'm guessing I need to order it! Sounds like it's a keeper! (I tried to say, it's a "keepa" but spellcheck didn't like it.....)


  3. Just popped over to Amazon to pick this up! I will add it to my list of must read books. Any others I should read?

    @ Teach, Think, & Wonder


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