Coming Soon to a Blog Near You.....:D

(cue the movie preview music....teehee)

Preview #1 - 60 and a Giveaway
  What a blast this new blogging thing has become to me and to think I actually have followers!!  So, I am getting close to 50 so I thought I would shoot for the stars and have a giveaway when I hit 60!!  Not positive but pretty sure the giveaway will include my 2 fave places: Starbucks and Target (in that order....gotta have my coffee while I'm shopping:))  So spread the word:)  Thanks to everyone following me now (and future followers).  This whole blogging has been a much needed, positive adventure for me.  I had somewhat of a tough year last year and blogging has been the hope, inspiration, and spark that I have needed:)  It makes me smile!!  We need to do that so much more daily:)  Like this morning, for example, I was riding my bike and saw a big old puddle....yes, I went through it and then laughed about it!!  Simple things can bring a smile.  Comments that I have gotten from my followers have done that too, so thanks!!
Preview #2 - Rolling out some TPT stuff with my BFF
  Again, a blogging newbie....started it with my BFF Cindy (who has an awesome, yummy blog at Sweet Time in 1st Grade).  We are working on some things to make our TPT first appearance.  She teaches 1st and I teach 4th so we are going to try to come up with some activities for both (her younger version and my older version of the same activity)

Stay tuned and thanks bunches!!

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