Multliplication Rap :D

Having trouble getting those kiddies to memorize their multiplication facts?  I know I had some struggling with it.  I searched itunes for some multiplication songs and found this!  It's call Multiplication Hip Hop for Kids, Learn  Math the Fun Way.

Sorry the pic is so small, that is all I could find.  How did I use this you ask??  Well, every morning before we started Math, I would pull up one of the facts (like 6's).  I would say "Ok, everybody up" and as soon as they heard that, they knew;)  I turned it on and off we went.  They were allowed to dance as long as they stayed right by their own desk BUT couldn't dance UNLESS they were rappin the facts!!  Girls loved this because what girl doesn't like to sing and dance but the boys really got into this because it was rap!!  We had a blast and yes I was singing and rappin right alone with them!!  Each song/rap runs each fact from 2 - 12.  (6x2=12, 6x3=18...)  You get the idea.  It was really catchy because each song had a different rhythm and I would catch the kids hummin or singing the rap throughout the day to themselves.  We would only do one a morning, so it only took minutes.  Started the day out fun!  They got to like it so much that on days when I was busy or thrown off by something that had come up and would forget about it, they would remind me and ask for it:)  I bought mine about 3 years ago...the cover looks like the one above but I couldn't find that exact one now:(  I'm thinking they have changed covers.  Usually you can listen to a sample for free. 
Happy Rappin!!



  1. I'll have to look for this for the coming school year...anything to get those facts memorized! :-)

  2. Where did you buy it? Learning about the brain and learning and that sounds perfect! I bought a multiplication cd last summer but it was pretty bad :-(

  3. Mrs. Roper,
    I got it on itunes...I just searched education and then multiplication songs....hope this helps:)


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