10 Things to Know About Me :D

Joining Mrs. Owen's 10 things about me linky party so, with a drumroll......here are mine:)

10.  Teaching is a second career for me.  Went back to school 6 years ago to get my teaching certification.

9.  My son and daughter are my life!!!

8.  When my daughter leaves in August I might just explode with sadness:(

7.  My fam and I are animal freaks.

6.  I love birds!!  Years ago the wonderful hubs built me an aviary in my backyard.  I have several birds from all over the world:)

5.  Gardening is my therapy:)

4.  Am very much a morning person but can't function without the coffee!!!

3.  My daughter plays beach volleyball and last year won the bronze medal in the AAU Junior Olympics!

2.  I sing on the worship team at our church

1.  I have been married 21 years:))



  1. While you will feel sad about your daughter going away, I hope that you and your husband enjoy this new stage. Just think of the extra time you'll be able to spend blogging!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. beach volleyball sounds like such a fun sport!

  3. Wow! I only knew FOUR of those things about you! We really need to start an after-school social time for teachers!


  4. (I am late getting around - but wanted to met as many people as possible!)
    What a great list! I know it was hard for me when my daughter moved out - she lived with us for 4 years through universituy and she was ready to start a new chapter. I still miss her tho - and that was 3 years ago!


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