Another Target Haul...

Okay, every time I see a post about something someone else bought for their classroom, I think I have to run out and buy it for mine!!!  Am I alone?!  So, off I went again and here's my loot this time.....

♥ 2 packs of Project Popperz (regular and bright colors)
♥ Set of 6 chapter books for Literature Circles (Pinocchio and The Wind in the Willows)
♥ 4 packs Jumbo Paperclips (to make bookmarks for my teacher buds)
♥ Spools of ribbon (bookmarks:) )

Oh....will it ever end???????  Nope:0)  teehee!



  1. Did you find the bright colors next to the regular popperz?


  2. I love target! Having a Daily 5/Cafe linky party! Link up if you use in your classroom!

  3. Tara!! No problem! Link up about what you do that is similar. I am reading the ebook now. I am new to this all too!

  4. I made a stop there this morning, too! What would I do without Target? I bought a bunch of little school supplies on sale, too, but I also picked up a couple of those little cube stools. (They kind of look like foot stools and have storage inside.)

    Anyway, I saw someone had purchsed these to put at their guided reading table because you could fit more of them there than regular chairs. What a great idea. I am going to get a few more. They are nice and bright--and more storage! They'll be perfect for 3rd graders!

  5. Curious about the book marks you are going to make. Please post a picture when you get them made. :)
    I too went to Target today. My daughter is ready to have a school shopping intervention for me. hahaha. She kept saying, "Mom, you don't need that." My response? "why, yes, yes, I do!" :-)

  6. I like your book mark idea. I need to find something different for my team this year. :)

  7. Tara,
    I wanted to let you know that you were a winner in my giveaway. You can have any item in my TpT store, so just send me an email whenever

    I so want some of those markers!

  8. Also curious to know how you are going to make the bookmarks! Hope you will post with a pic!



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