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I have a couple thoughts to share.  One of the first things I use for classroom management is "E Money".  (E for Eiken, my last name)  In the first few days of the school year I go over how the students can earn E money (2 pencils sharpened every morning, homework complete daily, raise hand no calling out,....) After I have gone over a few things, we have a class meeting and the kiddies come up with a list of things they think they should earn (and or lose) money for in my classroom.  They each get a money pouch (5x7 white envelope) that they color and I laminate.  They also have a "bank statement" sheet that they keep track on their money on.  I have a big chart that I keep track of money weekly..."payday" is Friday.  Then, once a month we have a classroom auction.  The kids love this because it really teaches them to plan and use their money wisely.

Another item I use, I found at a professional development training a few years ago!!  It's a music wand!! (Of course, I call it my princess wand:) )

Instead of clapping or raising my voice over the children's if I need their attention OR if they are simply getting a little to noisy, I just tap my "Princess" wand on my desk and it makes the most beautiful little chime.  It's like soon as they hear that, they are quiet and looking at me for instruction:)  Love this thing!! (If you click on the picture, it should take you to the sight where you can get these;) )

The last thing I want to share is this...not sure if it falls under the classroom management category but I swear by it.....I have several CD's downloaded on my computer that are just calm, soothing music.  Some with water or chimes in the background, lots of classical.  Before my door opens for the kids every morning, that is playing softly.  I truly feel like it sets the tone for a peaceful morning and start to our day:)  The kids know to come in quietly and get busy on their morning work.  They even get to the point that if they are writing they ask for the music.  They call it their "thinking music".  Too cute:D

Hope you're able to get some ideas from here:)



  1. I love those wands and the music is key. When I have student teachers I give them one of the wands.

    I have used music for the past 11 years of my teaching career in various grade levels and they love it. Like you said they request it. If they have not had music in the background before some of those students have a little trouble for a few days and then they are hooked. For learning support students they enjoy it, they have told me it relaxes them.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. I like your princess wands...will need to look into getting one. Thanks

    I always have some sort of music playing. I do like the cds from Kagan, although I've found some very soothing music from the cds sold at Hallmark stores.


    A Time to Share & Create

  3. We gave each of our teachers the star wands two years ago when our theme was Star Polishers - LOVE 'em!

    There's a musician called Gary Lamb whose soft piano music actually is made to go with with a child's heartbeat and biorhythms. We've got a few teachers on our campus who play it faithfully and those students are always SO calm and relaxed.

    As a counselor, I always "seal the deal" at the end of my lessons with some sort of meaningful movement and music. I'm not yet sure how to attach documents, but if you send me your email I'll send my playlist.


  4. Hi Tara! I'm glad you found me! My teammate and I are presenting a professional development workshop on available blogs by grade level. I will love sharing your blog with our 4th grade team!


  5. I have never heard of the music wands, but I want one now! That is the neatest thing.

  6. I have that star music wand and I LOVE it!!! It is such a nicer way to get students' attention! Thanks for linking up your great ideas!


  7. Thanks for posting the link to the music wands at Bella Luna Toys. I couldn't figure out why they were suddenly so popular this week! In addition to owning and operating Bella Luna Toys, I am also an early childhood teacher, so was delighted to discover your blog!

    I'd like to invite you and your readers to save $5 off Music Wands (or anything else) this month with the code TF5. Keep up the good work!

    Sarah Baldwin, M.S.Ed.

  8. The musical wands are so neat! So many people are using them nowadays. Such a neat invention. Thank you for sharing your ideas and linking up :) (and how random that the last linky party on this was on the same day?!)

    Teaching in Room 6

  9. And now that I think about it, it was probably because it was TBA's linky ;) haa haa DUH!

  10. Love your music wands! Is there a brand name on them? I've searched the internet, but can't find anything like it. Thank you!


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