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Writing!  That word used to scare me pretty bad...especially when I got moved from 3rd to 4th, where there is a yearly state writing test.  Yikes....nothing like a little more pressure to make ya feel all comfy and cozy in a new grade level..anywho, wanted to share some tidbits I use with my kiddos and writing.  I use a lot of the Melissa Forney resources.  As a matter of fact, I went to one of her trainings last summer.  If you ever get the chance, DO IT!  Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, she is hilarious!!  I have several of her books and they are full of ALL kinds of writing lessons, ideas, and worksheets:)
     I wanted to share just a few of my faves from the is using jewels.

I glue these on their papers for a number of reasons and boy do they love it!!  (believe it or not, even the boys!)  Some of the reasons they get "sparkles" are: using sizzling vocab, using 1 of many creativity skills, a one time when, made a mind movie....You get the idea.  It really helps their writing too!  Some of my kids were good but just did the bare minimum to get by.....that changed when the people sitting next to them had papers covered with gems:)
Another thing I like to do is IF they indent I punch holes (where they indented) and tie in some curling ribbon.  Again, they love this and my lazy indenters (is that a word??)  remember and take the time quickly:)

I also have made several Vocabulators!!  Kids love these. (here are some pics, they aren't mine:(  I'll put out pics of mine when I can get into my classroom)  They are great to intro words to replace those overused words:)

Finally, a new addition to all my writing goodies are writing stickers:)  I can't take the credit for this.  Judy at KinderTastic blogged about these last week.  I checked it out and loved them!  They are great to use to point out the positive during those writing conferences.  She has hers posted for Kinders here.  I teach 4th so had to adapt them for my peeps.  The lingo I use on my stickers is what I use with my students.  They're my freebie today:)  You can print them on labels or just on regular paper and tape them to their papers:)  I also have a set of stickers for sizzlin vocab but for some reason...can't get them to download to google docs:(  So, if you would like those too, just give me your email and I will gladly email them to you:))



  1. Great ideas! I am going to try to do the hole-punch and curling ribbon for sure--I am always reminding my 3rd graders to indent! I also will see about finding some jewels. Another one I think I can use! Thanks.

  2. You have enticed & motivated me to get Melissa's book from my stack of 'summer reads' and get started.


    A Time to Share & Create

  3. I absolutely love Melissa Forney. Being a 4th grade teacher in Florida she helps a great deal when it comes to ideas for Florida Writes. I would love a copy of your sizzling vocabulary stickers if you wouldn't mind.

    I have made a few vocabulators, but I need to make some more. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Just found your site. Awesome! I'm looping up from 3rd to 4th with a bright group of kids, so I'm spending the summer looking for new & exciting ideas for them. I would love a copy of your stickers.

  5. Love your ideas! Especially about the gems :) I love that you teach fourth grade too, because I'm going into my senior year of college and will soon be a teacher myself. And I really want to teach fourth or fifth grade!! Love your blog!!

  6. These are AWESOME! Thanks for the idea, and for sharing your cute creations! =)
    I am a 4th grade Language Arts teacher, who is new to blogging and your site is GREAT!

  7. I'd love to get copies of these stickers! I'm moving up to 4th grade after 4 years in K and PK, so I need help!

  8. Ces,
    I just saw your post and would love to send you the stickers but need an email or gmail address:)

  9. Love the jewel and sticker idea. I was thinking they could put them on their writers notebook almost like a badge of honor. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm new to the blog world, but also teach 4th grade. Looking forward to following you.

    Amanda @

  10. I would love these!! THANKS!!

  11. Hi! I am a new to the blogging world believe it or not! I do not have a blog of my own, but I work with Amanda Nickerson of One Extra Degree. I blame her for my new addiction. :) She is just fabulous. Your blog has been so helpful to me, and I am blown away by your talent and generosity. Thank you! I'd love to have a copy of your delightful details. Headed to the Dollar Tree this pm to find some gems! :) Thanks again. I am a follower!

  12. Ooops! Forgot my email address.

  13. I LOVE all of this!! I would love a copy of the stickers!


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