I need help!!  Dingy me thought I had saved a wonderful website that someone posted about BUT I can't find it and I don't remember who posted it.  I have a notebook with ideas and where I found them and also have started Pinterest but that isn't helping me now.......I would say about 2 weeks ago someone posted about this wonderful website you go to and just type in what ever text you want and it transforms it into these wonderful, fun letters...all different.....please, if you were the one who posted it or you know what I am talking about leave a comment...Thank you: D


  1. Hi,
    "In the Teachers' Lounge" is the blog where you can find that cute idea! :)

  2. is it this?

  3. that should say "word mark" sorry ;\

  4. Was it Spell with Flickr?
    Try here.

  5. How do you save the pictures in the spell with flickr? I played with it for a few minutes and couldn't figure out how to save the new word in one picture. Does that make sense? Cute blog!


  6. Hey Shelly,
    I think you have to save the pics individually and then use something like photoshop or photobucket to put them all together..I just got them on my blog with the html code:)


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