Meet Truffles!

So, I'm one of those teachers that thinks every class should have a classroom pet.  I have tried fish, hermit crabs, and dwarf hamsters.  The kids love having a classroom pet and so do I cuz I'm an animal freak!!  I moved into the hamster world 2 years ago when I was teaching 3rd grade and we started the series of chapter books, "The World According to Humphrey".  I blogged about this book before because I used this as a fun writing activity.  (Writing Activity Blog) If you haven't read any of these books, it's such a great series and all told from the perspective of Humphrey the hamster.  Humphrey is always helping out the students or their families.  (Without their knowing it)

So here she is........Truffles!

She is a black bear hamster and the cutest, tamest little thing ever!!  ( Would highly recommend this type of hammy as a pet/classroom pet.  Others tend to be grouchy, hyper, and nippy)  My students aren't allowed to touch or hold her but that doesn't seem to bother them too much.  They just love having her in the classroom...especially when we crack open the Humphrey books:)


  1. When I taught 3rd I read Humphrey, too! The kids loved it. Truffles is adorable. I have 2 corn snakes and the kids take them out to recess!
    Finally in First

  2. Oh my Gosh Jenn, my P. (bossman) would die if I had a snake...I'm pushing it by having a hamster:)) Too fun for you:))

  3. Oh, we had teddy bear hamsters when the kids were younger - truffles is adorable! Congrats on winning that contest : D


  4. OMG...I didn't know this was a whole series! I've only ever read the first one! I love it!


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