My bloggy friends Rock!!!

Thanks to all who reached out and tried to help me find my memory!!!!  :D  The website was shared by In the Teachers' Lounge and it is called Spell with Flickr.  Thanks Lindsay!!  Also, again thanks to all who tried to help:)  Such a cool thing to "throw" something out there and get all kinds of help:)))  I LOVE bloggin!!!!
letter T H letter n hangman tile blue letter K letter S



  1. Tara wrote back to you but on my page. Oops

  2. Ok just gonna write on my page don't mind if you blog hog! I love comments!!!

  3. I love this site! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! If I wanted to post a word on my blog using Spell With Flicker how do I post it? Thanks!

  4. Thank you for your help :) When I put in the html code in a blog post it just posted the code and not the picture. I tried clicking edit html. Is there something I am missing? Thanks again!
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