Sweet Behavior Classroom Mgt. and a Freebie

For individual classroom mgt./behavior mgt. in my classroom I use something I call "E Money".  E for Eiken, my last name. (Original idea from my buddy Lynn)  I have 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, and 100s made in play money.  The kids have a bank log and keep track of their credits and debits on this sheet.  (thinking about changing this up to a small notebook)  The first day of school I introduce the money and go over a few things that they can get credits or debits for.  (Homework turned in on time, prepared for class, compliments from other teachers they earn money (credits)/ disrespectful, no homework, ....lose money(debit) )  We then sit as a class and the kids come up with things to add to my list that would be a credit or a debit.  This helps them to take ownership in it and they really come up with some good ones!!  Once a month then I have a class auction where the kids get to spend (if they choose to) the money they have earned by bidding.  Believe it or not, some of them really like saving it:)  I have tried a few different things for them to keep their money in, last year I bought 5 by 7 white mail envelopes and let them decorate them on the first day, then I took them home and laminated them and they lasted great all year:)  In the past I have ordered pencil pouches from Oriental Trading and that has worked well too:)

This year in addition to the E money, I am also putting into place the "Sweet Behavior" system.  I saw this on someone's blog (don't know who the original author was:(( ) and loved it because it focuses on teamwork towards "good behavior" not just individual.  I showed a pic of my cookie sheet a while back....here's another pic:
So, they will start the school year with an empty cookie sheet and earn cupcakes for different things such as: good transitions, good cafeteria behavior, great teamwork (the kids sit in Kagan groups and we do tons of team activities).....you get the idea.  Once the cookie sheet is full, they as a class will earn a reward.  One thing they always love to do is bring their lunch trays back to my classroom to eat, so that will be one reward.  I made this poster to hang with my cookie sheet and am giving it as a freebie today:)  I will confess, I struggled with whether to call it "Sweet Rewards" or "Sweet Behavior"....I settled on "Sweet Behavior" because that's what we are working towards as a team to earn the reward;)  Enjoy your "sweet" freebie!

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  1. Very cute! I did something similar last year called "Brownie Points". :)


  2. Love the sweet behavior idea!

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