Those Cute Letters!

After a few hours of poking/cutting out, laminating and then cutting out again, my oh so cute letters are done!!  If you missed it, see previous post on finding these letters at Dollar Tree. (much cheaper than teacher supply stores!)  So, yes it took a few hours but so worth it.  They can be used over and glued on the wall....magnets on the make name it!!

I also found these cute accordion files to keep my now growing collection of letters in.  (other than baggies!!)
Found these at Target....dollar section!!

LOVE organization and those dollar deals!!!!!


  1. GREAT idea for organizing letters- I may have to run to Target myself today (oh darn!)

  2. I love those $1 multi-pocket folders! I have used them for years with my students! That is their EVERYTHING folder. It makes it nice because those kids who like to be organized have a "place for everything," and those who weren't so, only had one place to put everything. That is where we(home or school) could usually find whatever we were looking for!

    Love the letters! Too cute.

  3. I never thought about laminating those letters. Great idea! I bought a TON of them (6 or 8 packs!) two years ago at Dollar Tree because you can not find them anywhere else for that price!!

  4. Target frequently has accordian files in small or large sizes in their dollar bins.

  5. Love the letters & files! And I never thought of that. What a great idea. I'm going hunting soon. :)


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