You have GOT to check this out!!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!! I follow A Year of Reading's blog.  The post this morning is one you HAVE GOT to go check out.  She gave a review of an ebook app for the ipad.  The review was soooooo good, I just had to buy the book and check it out!!  Please go read her review at her blog, I won't be able to do it like she does but holy cow, what a fun, amazing book!  For those of us doing The Book Whisperer thing (book frenzy, morning reading...) this will be a wonderful way to kick all that "Love to Read" theme off!!   Can wait to show my kiddos!!  The name of the "book" is The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  It's adorably and purposefully interactive.  PLEASE  go read her review, she even has some video shorts on her blog. Check it out.......I promise, you won't be sorry!!!!!  Happy Monday!!


  1. I agree 100%. I read the post this morning and went and downloaded it right away. It is a gem! I was just asking my husband this morning how I could hook my ipad up to my projector so we could share it as a class. Of course I know they will want to go back and explore on their own as well.

  2. You know what Franki said about buying an iPad just
    to have this on it...I might just have to do that. I bought the movie for my iPhone, but I want to go back and explore the app.

    Thanks for the linky love!

    Mary Lee
    A Year of Reading

  3. Thanks for the post! I read the review-it got me at Ex-Pixar designer. Love all things Pixar! Wasn't sure about the $4.99, but hey, all good things come with a price!

  4. Tara,
    I have the Daily 5 poster freebies up and working now. Sorry the link was goofy earlier. I hope you come back and get a copy!

    シ Tracey
    Our Cool School

  5. Thanks for the recommendation, Tara! I don't have an IPAD and am starting to think I may have to buckle and purchase one;) I will pop on over and have a look at the review. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful day ~ Tina :)

  6. Looks great. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog! Thanks for following mine!


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