Blog Hoppin Teacher Talk Tuesday

I am all pooped out and still, my brain is fuzzy but I'm gonna try to make sense....teehee..Blog Hoppin hook up today is Teacher Talk Tuesday, advice for new teachers.  I still feel like I'm a new teacher myself..could be because I have moved grade levels 3 times in 5 here are my words of wisdom:)

1)  Classroom management a MUST, from DAY ONE.  Harry Wong's book is right here:)  I have seen so many classrooms where things are nuts because there is no classroom management.  Learning is not happening until that is in place, so make that a priority from day one:)
2)  Don't try to reinvent the wheel.  That's why I'm loving bloggin soooo much.  It's refreshing to have something shared with you and not have to make everything from scratch!!!  Look around and use the resources around you.
3)  Never stop learning!  I am so glad to have been introduced to Book Whisperer, Daily 5, and CAFE. 
4)  Pay it forward in any way you can.  It will come back around:)
5)  Be flexible (I'm still working on that one:) )

That's about all I have for now. Now I need to go read everyone else's advice....never stop learning, remember?  ;)



  1. oh, harry wong! haha, love him! great suggestions :)

  2. Wonderful advice! My goal for this year is to "Work Smarter NOT Harder"!

  3. Great advice! You reminded me a lot of myself when you said you want to be not to be so "high strung". I get like that sometimes and I am trying to remember to just go with the flow!

  4. Great advice! I agree with you guys about going with the flow. That's a hard piece for me to follow! Happy 5th year!

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