Book Whisperer and Daily 5....where have you been all my life?!!

Woohooo!  Day 1 and 2 done and it went awesome!  I have such a sweet class this year.  They have been anxious to listen and please....hoping the honeymoon doesn't end:)

Day 1 included The Book Whisperer.  We have talked soooo much about reading and how much I love to read....I truly believe it is contagious!!  We did my version of the Student Interest Survey.  Very informative.  I highly recommend doing it for anyone who is on the fence.  Now, in the past I have always done a interest survey but it has been more "favorites" before (color, food, book, t.v. show, siblings, pets ....) This survey was much more reading/literacy focused.  I will do this evey year from now on.  Amongst other things Day 1 also included the Daily 5 " I Pick" mini lesson.  Here is a pic of the anchor chart we made....I used shoes (saw that on Pinterest, not sure who it belonged to) and they loved it!!!

Close up:

After the mini-lesson we had our Book Frenzy!!  Went awesome and the kids were too excited to fill their book luggage. (forgot to take a pic of them full:(  )

I am blown away by the response from the kids!!  After they each got 5 books for their luggage one by one they went back to their desks...I have a student from another country so I was working with her and the next thing I know I turn around and all.......I said ALL of my kids were at their seats reading!!!!  I did not ask them to read....I just asked them to get their books!!!  I was so excited I had to get my roomie (teacher in adjoining classroom) to come look!!
Day 2 we did our 3 Ways to Read mini-lesson and rolled right into launching Read to Self.  The Daily 5 book has now become the second most important book in my life right behind my Bible:))  Loving this!!!  Thank you blogging friends for introducing me to Book Whisperer and Daily 5!! (CAFE too, just haven't started that yet)



  1. I haven't read Book Whisperer, but I have done Daily 5 and Cafe for 4 years. It is amazing! If you haven't joined the sisters website, I would highly recommend it. It is pricey, but I found it invaluable as I rolled out both Daily and Cafe. They have the cutest power point called "If the Book Fits, Wear It" that another teacher created to go with the shoe lesson. Unfortunately, it is on the members only section so I can't send it. I use my own shoes the first day, and then the power point on subsequent days as we review. Glad to hear your first days back have been terrific!!
    The Write Handed Teacher

  2. Just your book luggage is enough to make me want to grab that basket and get to reading! You are so creative, it is inspiring. So glad your first days went well. I sweated in my room working today. We don't start until the 18th.

  3. I signed up for The Book Whisperer group at school. Can't wait to learn something new.

  4. So awesome, shared your site with a fourth grade teacher at my school, we are both doing Daily 5 this year and going to meet the sisters in Chicago in November.

    Love your classroom and your blog you are doing lots of great things and have so many neat ideas!!

  5. You are just so fabulous!!! I'm glad your kids are fabulous too.

  6. What a fantabulous way to start the year off! Sounds like the kiddos are willing and ready, so you should be set.

  7. oh you made me so excited to go back! What an inspiring first day! I just read The Book Whisperer and I would love to try out the just gave me the guts to do it on the first day! I love this post, thanks so much for sharing Tara!
    Kristen :)

  8. So excited for you and excited to start with my class! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm!
    Rambling About Reading

  9. Ooh, Tara! Reading this post gave be goosebumps...especially the part where all of your students were sitting at their desks reading!! It sounds like you and your students had the most awesome day! I have not read The Book Whisperer, but after reading about it on so many blogs, I am off to order a copy:) Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a lovely day.
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  10. Tara, I am so excited for you and I am praying that my first couple days go as well as yours have! I have high hopes for integrating the strategies I got from The Book Whisperer and my Daily 5 as well! I am so glad that you posted your successes, it is encouraging to know that this can work! Thanks for sharing. I am feeling more and more excited about going back! I am a little disappointed though because I can not find the "book luggage" bins. I found them at Wal-Mart 2 years ago and bought 11 of them, to use as book shelf bins. I need 11 more and I can't find them anywhere :( I am thinking I might hit a couple of Dollar Tree stores tomorrow to see if I can find more.

  11. Oh yeah also for the Good Fit lesson I also use the Powerpoint from the Sister's website BUT for an extension to that lesson I do a lesson with dumbell weights. I bring in a picture of me standing next to my youngest son. I am 5'5" 135 pounds, my son is a 6'2" 230lb high school defensive tackle. I also bring in my little pink 2 pound dumbell and my son's 40 pound dumbell (Actually my son brings it in for me during preplanning LOL) I show them the picture of me and my son and the two dumbells. We talk about why it wouldn't be a good idea for me to try to use my son's and why it would be a waste of time for him to use mine. We also talk about how if my son and I are working out together he wouldn't make fun of me for using a smaller dumbell because he knows that it is right size for me, and I don't worry about trying to lift his dumbell to impress him or anyone else who might be watching because its not going to do me any good because even if I could lift it up once or twice I certainly won't be able to do it for very long. I use this to move in to talking about picking books for yourself and not making fun of someone who might read at a lower level than you do, and if you do read at a lower level that's OK, and that the important thing is that you are "working out" your brain with just the right book and there is no need to try to impress anyone by trying to read one that is just too hard. My kids really got it last year and were really good at not making fun of each other.

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  12. Wow!! Reading this makes me excited to start school back next week! I just purchased The Book Whisperer and am on chapter 4 so far! It is wonderful!! That is awesome that all your students were reading when you didn't even tell them to! Wow!!

    I also wanted to let you know that instead of posting my teaching stuff at my old blog (Live, Laugh, Love) I have started a teaching blog! It's:

  13. I want my two girls to do fourth grade all over again so they can have YOU as a teacher! I'm sad that they are 17 and 21 and don't qualify!

    Color Me Happy in Kindergarten

  14. I am excited to start D5/ cafe for the first time too!!! I wish I had read the Book Whiperer I keep hearing great things ... its on my to do list ... I do have a question -- I know some teachers and I know the books says to have the books bins prefilled for the kids did you not do that and have them pick themselves the first time? How did it go? ABout how long did it take?

  15. Congrats on a great start to back to school. I LOVE using the ideas from The Book Whisperer in my class, and I totally agree that sharing your love of reading makes the kids excited to read.
    Runde's Room

  16. I cannot believe some schools are already back in session! Where did summer go? I do not start for 12 more days, but I am working on my classroom and first week lesson plans!! I would love to hear more specifics on the lessons you did involving The Book Whisperer! Hope to hear more. Good luck on finishing out your week!

  17. last year was my first with D5. I literally had that book (and Cafe) beside me every day...and I will again this year. I had a couple students who picked up on it and always got excited when I was flipping through it! They loved D5

  18. What is Sisters? How do you access it? Do you have any ideas for librarians? THANKS, Cathy

  19. Good morning,

    I couldn't find a way to contact you, so I tried to find a post that somewhat had to do with a question I had. It's about reading workshop and I wanted to pick your brain. Our school is crazy about daily 5 and so am I, but I've really struggled with make CAFE effective for my 4th grade average and above average readers. Once you've implemented goals (i.e. voracious reading, tune into interesting words) for those students, the goal never changes and the depth of discussion which could be had through lit circles never happens. What are your thoughts on this? I've perused the Sisters Site and can't find advice-just wonder what another 4th grade teacher thought.


  20. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing your ideas. This year I bought magazines boxes from Ikea and they have NOT held up very well. They don't stay upright and have ripped. How have your book baskets held up? Have they torn?
    Thanks again!


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