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First week of school over and have to say......it was one of the best starts of a school year I have ever had.  I am so thankful to have found Daily 5!!  I know it has only been week one BUT if the first week is any indication of how things will continue to go........I'm SOLD!!!  The kids have been doing great with the Read to Self.  I even had my roomie (teacher next door) have to come into my room at different times during the week and say " I walked in, and all Tara's kids are reading.  They are all reading!!"  That's a cool thing to hear.  I can't wait until all 5 are taught and I can bring in CAFE.  We had another book frenzy on Friday right before school let out.  I think I will do this at the end of each week, giving the students the option to trade out all or some books.  It was neat to hear the kids say "Mrs. Eiken, I'm not done with this one yet so I'm going to keep it" or " Mrs. Eiken, when you rang the chime for check in...I didn't want to stop reading."  Are you kidding me?!!!  That is music to a teacher's ears:)

I will be launching Work on Writing next.  On that note, I would like to say thanks to all my bloggy buds for advise and encouragement before starting this and as I go along.  Thanks Megatron80 for sharing about the Sisters conference you went to and how they recommended to save Read to Someone for last.  I am going to take your advice as I can see how that may "mix things up" a little as the students are still working on building their stamina. 

One last thank you........THANKS for all the well wishes and prayers as I cried my eyes out Wednesday when my daughter left  for school.  As I stated, she is only a few hours away....my heartbreak was the moving out part...the fact that I couldn't go in and wake her up in the morning.....Anywho, we drove to West Palm Beach to watch her play in an all day tourney today and I'm sooooo proud:)  She was cracking the volleyball!!  Tomorrow I get to drive to her school and put a momma's touch on her dorm room:)))))  So excited!!  Thanks gang!!


  1. I also like how students are really reading during Read to Self. It seems like in the past there were always a few who didn't read and then they'd distract others...and it was downhill from there. I'm not sure if it's the I chart and students know how to read, or is it the time(stamina) is gradually built.

    Good luck with your year..I start with a 1/2 day Wednesday, so not much gets done. Although, IPICK is the first lesson along with some classroom procedure practice.

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    Fabulous 4th Grade

  2. Hey! We were sorta in the same neck of the woods this weekend! My daughter lives in Port St. Lucie (a little bit north of West Palm) and I spent Friday and today with her, helping her set up her classroom!

  3. So glad Daily 5 is going well with you and your students. I am hoping I get the same comments that my class is Reading. That is my goal! Congrats.

  4. This is the 3rd year that I'll be doing the Daily and using the CAFE menu. I can't say enough great things about it! I also teach 4th grade and the pensive has been great for keeping records. It's nice to have the time to actually observe the students while they are reading.

  5. I'm so glad to hear how well the Daily 5 is going! I actually just ordered the book yesterday! I wish I had it before school started, but maybe I can incorporate it this year! My school did a book study on the CAFE last year so I am implementing it this year! Glad you had a good first week! We have students on Wednesday!

  6. I'm so excited for you! We had a 2 day week last week-went over procedures, etc. Tomorrow I will be starting "Read to Self" with my 6th graders, and I can't wait! :) Good luck to you with the Daily 5 and your daughter being away (mine is now a senior so I'll be feeling your pain!). :)


  7. I'm so glad to hear you are off to a good start! I pray that the rest of your year is so pleasantly productive!

    Lifelong Learning

  8. Yay!!! I'm glad "read to self" is going so well for you :) You'll be able to start Cafe in no time!

  9. I am starting Daily and CAFE this year with my 4th graders too! We started on Thursday and so far it has went really well! I am glad it has been successful in your classroom so far too!!!



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