It must be Pebble Night...

I just saw the cutest post on Runde's Room and some adorable Pinterest inspired letter pebbles she made....well, my daughter and I have been doing our own version of some other Pinterest inspired pebbles all day too:)  The original pebbles that inspired me are called story stones and created by Red Bird Crafts.  Her creations are so amazing.  I so fell in love with these I just had to try to make some myself.

 I am going to use these with the Daily 5 Work on Writing.  I am hoping that choosing a stone or 2 will give my peeps some inspiration for writing a story:)  They would also be fun to sit in a circle, pick a stone and start telling a story and add a stone...add to the story.  I've posted how I made these of  the other blog I'm a creative contributor to, Create-Share-Inspire.  Head over there to check it out:) My daughter and I had the best time thinking up what to make, giggling, making, and having some wonderful mom/daughter time before she is off to college:)



  1. WOW. Those are AMAZING, too! Super interesting and creative. I LOVE Pinterest-inspired ideas.


  2. So cute!! Love the ideas you have for using them too!!


  3. Those are ADORABLE! It's a good thing I still have more pebbles ... I see another project coming on ... ;)
    Runde's Room

  4. Super cute!! Love the idea and the cute little animals and stuff on the stones.

  5. Wow those are adorable! You and your daughter did an amazing job on them. Can't wait to find out how you made them...don't know if I'm this crafty!
    Rambling About Reading

  6. Adorable, and I love your writing ideas!!!


  7. So artistically precious! What a fun mother-daughter activity and how clever to use them as story starters. Barbara

  8. Adorable! I still need to make an a-z pebble set.

    But I did finish the crate w/ bow that I saw on Pinterest! A pic is in my latest post :-)


  9. Those pebbles are really stinkin' cute! I wish I was artsy enough to do cute pictures on some. What a great idea!

  10. ADORABLE!! I think I might have to make some of these!


  11. Those are seriously cute, love the giraffe! And glad you got to spend some quality time with your daughter too!

  12. Those pebbles are AMAZING!!! What paint did you use? I tried painting some using gouache tempura lately but they came out very faded.

    Baggy Trousers at A Crucial Week In The Life of an NQT

  13. What paint did you use? They are great!!!

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  15. I tweeted about your Story Stones. I love them. I'm thinking I will let my kiddos create some in a center at school. They will love it!
    I Dream of First Grade

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