Kicking off Week 2:)

I can't believe this is the second week of school!!!  My kiddos are doing homework and behaving like they have been with me longer:)  Hopefully it will last!!  I launched Work on Writing today with check in, mini-lesson, and anchor chart.  We even did our first (3 miniute work on writing practice).  It went super!!  Question for all the Daily 5 veterans out you jump day 2 work on writing right into letting them sit where they want?  Today I had them all sit at their seats (not sure why....maybe because it was brand new and I wasn't sure how it would all go)  Also, do you introduce a few writing ideas a day so as not to overwhelm???  I have printed super cute writing prompt cards, I made adorable theme notebooks, I have other ideas too BUT don't want to stress the kiddos out by throwing it all out at once.....AM I MAKING SENSE????  Would appreciate any words of wisdom:)) 

I also wanted to post a few pics of some classroom updates.  I am sooooooo limited with wall and floor space so have to be creative...I needed a vocab wall for my basal words (yes, still using that a tiny bit).  I glued some clothes pins to the oh so small wall space I glued on some cute shapes that came with my letter set that I posted about a while ago. 

Also added these awesome clock numbers from a super blog:)  Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons made these and has them as a freebie.  They are wonderful and really helpful for my kiddos:)

P.S. Would also love wisdom on Daily 5's Work on Words if anyone has any.  I kinda have the same question here.  I have lots of fun ideas but don't want to send my kids spinning with all the options......a few a day??  Help?


  1. I love the clock idea! I did that in my previous classroom!

  2. Daily 5 suggestion...take it slow and make sure they have the procedures and routine down before changing anything...or adding anything.

    Good Luck...I wish I was in school...I get students for 1/2 day on Wednesday.

  3. I agree with Pat. You will save much more time in the long run if you take the time to practice the routines now. It's worth it! I follow the book pretty closely for the first couple of weeks.

  4. I agree with what the other two commenters have said. Word Work - I always begin with basic ones like letter magnets, tiles, etc. You are 4th so they're may be a little more to it. But begin with those that will always be an option. Then introduce rotating ones. I wouldn't introduce more than two at a time, but in the second week of school I'd start with one and maybe try it whole group to see if they understand how to do it. Not sure if that makes sense or not. I believe in the whole slowing down to speed up bit.
    Lessons Learned

  5. I just started launching word work with my fourth graders today actually - we're doing word sorts with a menu of activities to choose from after the initial sort on day 1 as their word study. Today I just had them cut, sort, and write the words in their word study notebook and then we did it as a group on the board (this took WAY longer than I anticipated since some kids had never done a word sort before). I'm going to introduce hopefully two activities a day until they know how to do all of them (there are 15 choice I think so it's going to take awhile!).
    I'd say go slow and even in fourth it's not too slow - it'll pay dividends later.
    I feel like with the rate I'm going it'll be weeks until everything is rolling but I know it'll be worth it when they're truly independent.

  6. I love the clock idea!!

    I just ordered Daily 5 so I'm enjoying reading your comments/questions!

  7. I agree with what others had said. When the Daily 5 is brand new, they don't need much for it to be engaging. But, as time goes on, I introduce new things. I add new writing cards and prompts for writing. I also save word work activities to add, sometimes even as late as February or March. Also, I know this is not exactly by-the-book, but I always make my kids sit at their desks for writing, but they can choose their spots for other rotations. Just a personal choice! Sounds like your year is off to a wonderful start!

  8. I love reading your blog! I'm glad everything is going well. I teach 5th grade and would love if you would follow me!

  9. I found that having them practice in their self-selected spots can be helpful. I was worried that the change in structure and setting might cause them to break stamina later with the transition. But you are the queen of your castle and whatever works for you- do it. Word Work was a struggle for me last year as it was the first year of implementing Word Work schoolwide. I want to do more with this time. I would love to see this menu that Erin is talking about. We basically had our kids to their spelling practice menu items, which got old and worn out quickly last year. So glad that holding off on Read to Someone seems to be working. I'm really looking forward to working with a group of students who have already done Daily 5 before in 3rd grade, should be exciting.

  10. OK, I just HAVE to say it again . . . I wish you had been Joshua's reading teacher!!! Happy School Year,



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