Look What I Treated Myself To......

Couldn't have a giveaway with the awesome teacher portfolio from Doodle Bugs Paper without having one for myself!!  Well, mine came today:D  LOVING!  I also got a post-it holder!!  Thanks Kacey!!  If you haven't checked out her blog, Doodle Bug's Teaching or Doodle Bugs Paper, you have to!!

Are those cute or what?!!

I also wanted to post some little projects my kiddos have done...today we made food chains that start with Mangrove leaves.

This was our first TEAM (my kids sit in Kagan groups) project.  Wasn't sure how it would work out as I am still learning how they all "mesh" together.  There were 8 cards that each team had to label, draw on, and color.  I have to say, I was super happy with how it all went.  They really worked it all out without any disputes:)  Love that!!  I must just have a super sweet group as well because they were all so complimentary of each others artwork.  I'm hanging these over each team's desks.

We also did Life Cycle plates of Orange trees and Pine trees. (the pics aren't the best...they really look cool)

These are 2 plates with a metal brad (it is called that, right?) holding them together and the top plate twists to see all the stages.
And finally, I was too excited when I saw the self portraits with the groovy frames on my buddy Rebecca's blog Create*Teach*Share, so had to make some as well.  Go check out her blog cuz she give directions and has a download to do the too cute frames.



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