Word Work Launch.........LIFT OFF!!

  I have to confess that the idea of launching Daily 5 Word Work was giving me anxiety...I even put it off a week to build stamina in Read to Self and Work on Writing (or that's what I told myself).  It really made me nervous because everything was going so well I was afraid that it all might go away. 
  So when Monday morning rolled around I thought ok, here goes......well it has gone great!!  I introduced 2 word work activities I made (Word Work Scrabble and Word Work Stampin).  While some did that, others did Work on Writing.  I am oh so jazzed about how well it went/is going.  Today we practiced again.  Tomorrow I am introducing 2 more activities for Word Work with the hopes that by next week we can put all 3 that we have learned so far together:D
  Daily 5 has me baffled.....those of you who are pros at this, tell me......I just am blown away at how well it is going!!!  Is it the training, the practice, my kids this year, a combination????  What ever it is......LOVING!!

BTW, when I was keeping busy as I fight off my "miss my daughter" blues, I came up with a cute idea for my Word Work activities.  What do you get when you mix file folders with duct tape??? 
Cute, easy, fairly inexpensive storage for word work activities:))

My plan for now is...keeping the "flat stuff" in the folders.  Other things that don't fit (stamping sets...) can go in the 3 drawer thingy:)

Maybe I can really get my act together and post some of my word work activities;)


  1. Love reading your posts! You are one week ahead of me in Daily 5 so it's great to hear all your positive outcomes! Word work in my opinion is the hardest to launch but you started out the right way (simple).
    Rambling About Reading

  2. I'm loving the Daily 5 this year too! I teach Second Grade but love seeing what you are doing too. I just think it is has been so much easier than having lots of different centers and the kids seem to really like it so far.

  3. So cute! I am not ready for centers yet. We are still on 21 day planner showing them how I want them to act. Nervous about starting them also.

  4. This is my 2nd year doing Daily 5 and the kids absolutely love/loved it last year and this year. When the kids that I got from the 3rd grade teacher who also did Daily 5 found out that I did it too they were super excited! I have them wanting to do it all day LOL I really think they know that all those other "centers" they used to be assigned in other grades were just busy work I think they really realize that what they are doing is authentic and it is really going to help them get better.

  5. I love the multicolored and printed duct tape! I have a supply always handy in my room!


  6. Congrats! In my few years of doing Daily five, it's only been a Daily 3...I've always pondered what to do for word work that wouldn't be a worksheet.

    I'm looking forward to your future posts.

  7. I think that the whole process of creating the "I" Chart, modeling desired and undesired behavior and the stamina building is what works so well. I also think the kids appreciate the independence of it. Glad it is going well!
    The Write Handed Teacher

  8. Yay! SO glad that it is going so well for you! I am still launching work on writing in my room, but my kids are really doing well! Can't wait to get Word Work up and running! Cute file folders too!



  9. Adorable! I am going to try to start some centers this next week. Many of my students are not very independent workers. We've been working for the last three weeks on that. Mercy, they just don't like it when they can't ask me a question every few minutes.

  10. I love your file folders! I'd like to make these... did you use some kind of clear protector sheet?

  11. Genius file folders!! Love! Where did u learn about how to implement daily 5? Is this sort of a replacement of literacy stations/centers I do now during my reading groups?

  12. I love the folder ideas. So cute and organized! I love reading how others manage all the bits and pieces that are crucial to great teaching. I'm now on the hunt for pretty duct-tape! There's a future post... 101 use for duct-tape in an elementary classroom :)

  13. Is the duct tape just a decoration or do you use it to seal the folder?

  14. Annduran001@gmail.com

    Just became the new reading teacher! I'd live your plans!


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