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First of all, I am overjoyed because I got to spend the weekend with my daughter.  So happy she was able to come home from college for a few days, so I am super happy.  Ok, now to The Book Whisperer idea...

I got an idea to help with our goal of 40 books per The Book Whisperer.  (I did post a little about this awhile ago )  First of all, loving having my kiddos read every morning instead of "morning work".  It really sets the tone for a peaceful start to the day.  We have been having a Book Frenzy each Monday morning.  If the students have books they have finished and want to trade out they can or they may choose to keep the ones they have but this is the only opportunity they have to change out their books.  I have added their books read list and genre tally sheets to their data notebooks.  I am using wonderful sheets I found at Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens.  Some of her forms were from the wonderful Beth Newingham.  So that is what I am using in my data it when I don't have to reinvent the wheel!!

I also wanted the kids to be able to visibly see their progress in the classroom as well as in their data notebooks so here was my plan:

I made a What We're Reading board.  Each time a student finishes a book, they get a note card.  On the card they put their name, the title of the book, and the author.  Then they turn the cards in to me and I punch a hole and put them on a metal ring and hang them on the board on a fat push pin.  (now, I realize that there are only 12 hanging there....I have 22 students so........some are slower readers, some have given up on a book, others's a work in progress.)

Hopefully these will get so full and heavy with cards I will have to come up with another way to display them:)



  1. I love the Book Whisperer! I'm only to Chapter 4, but it's great so far!

  2. Wonderful Idea! I may set one up outside of my classroom. I have an empty bulletin board there. Thanks!

  3. Cute idea! I bet your kids love it!

  4. Awesome start to the year! What have they been reading; is there a specific book that is rising to the top?

    I've been placing small book baskets on each table and suggesting that the children choose a book when they are finished with table work (unless I've planned a different transition). Today, I saw students choose books without my saying a word! I'm changing the books each week, switching tables every couple of days. One boy took his mom back into our room at dismissal, to see a "Machines" book! I'd put it in his basket on purpose, knowing that he was motivated by wheels!

    Oops, I'm long-winded tonight...sorry! Keep up the amazing work!!


  5. I love that idea!!! Wish I could manage it but with 6 classes at 150 kids it is a bit tougher. Instead I'm doing a book chain.

    You can see it on this post

    I will have to take a picture of them hanging in my room sometimes this week. I also love that they serve as a visual for my kids, and keeps them motivated.


    ❤ Mor ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I am loving the progress I am seeing my students make this year! I also have a book recommendation board, but my students are using it yet. :(

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

  7. I love this idea...I wonder how I could pull it off with two classes of 26? I have also LOVED doing my reading first thing at the beginning of both of my class periods. It has become a favorite routine already. Glad you got to see your daughter!!


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