I'm on Top of the World......Idioms

  Seriously, I am on top of the world,,,,it's FRIDAY:)  Not that I don't love my cherubs but I am seriously worn out this week.....we have been working on our writing and all the creativity skills that make wonderful papers..we've done similes, metaphors, and now we are learning idioms.  These are a little tougher...especially for my language and ELL kiddos.  Some of them take the idioms so literally.  I introduced idioms with the book  Raining Cats and Dogs.

Great for an intro to idioms as well as lots of fun examples with pics:)

Once I finished that we discussed them ALOT and then I let them make a 4 square.  (yep, we're drawing again:) )  Each box had to have:
- an idiom written
- the literal picture
- then what the idiom really means

They turned out pretty cute and I think they are slowly starting to get it:)

Not all my peeps were all ears this week...

It did actually rain cats and dogs Monday...so much so that the sidewalks flooded for a while!

This has been me all week......ugggg

Pop back by tomorrow.....Fall has found it's way into my classroom:))


  1. Really really cute! I had my students do something similar last week, and was surprised how difficult it was for some of them to do. I didn't have a read aloud though, that book looks great, thanks for sharing!

  2. I use the book "The King that Reigned". Thanks for the new title to me...

    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  3. Hi Tara:

    I knew I would enjoy this post--and I was right.
    Idioms are on next week's schedule, so... Thanks for the motivation!

    Loved the drawings--especially "All ears!"
    : )

    Happy weekend!


  4. I LOVE having the students draw idioms when we study figurative language. My all-time favourite has to be a rather graphic one in which one of my students wrote, "Ms. Runde had her eye on me". ;)

    Runde's Room

  5. Tara,
    Would it be ok if I put a link to this post as a possible lesson idea in one of the freebies I am creating? I love your idea and want to give you credit.
    Life with Mrs. L


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