My Teacher Bag and all the stuff inside!

Better late than never....I'm joining the "What's in my Teacher Bag" Linky with Abby at The Inspired Apple.  So funny to see others haul around as much as I do and more....

This is my bag.  Love Vera bags.  This was a treat to me at the end of the school year because I had finished my year of ELL classes and got my certification:) 

Here's my grade book stuffed full of papers just waiting to be graded and it's ummmm Sunday afternoon already.....thinking no.  Gotta watch my football:)  I've been carrying around the book My Rotten Red-headed Older Brother for weeks with the post-its.  Need to copy the cover and laminate it all.  It was a Reader's Toolkit Making Connections activity.  Maybe now that it has actually made it out of the bag it will get done.  Another book, Crazy Like a Fox, a simile story (gonna post an adorable activity my kiddos did with that tomorrow, please come back and check it out).  Also my daily planner.  Love this, it has scripture each week and inspirational quotes. 

My adorable teacher portfolio that I bought from Doodle Bugs Paper and another cute notebook that has lists and ideas.  I am one of those people that if I don't write it's gone.  Horrible memory!!  Like to think it's because my mind is so busy but probably not:(

Another little do lists that as you can see have been in there a while.  The envelope is my daughters graduation invite...its got lots of great pics so like to have it with to show friends.  The paper clips are for another project I haven't started yet and a pen.  Usually there are about 10....think those are in the bottom of my purse...teehee...that's a different linky;)

Most technology.  My laptop, ipad, cords, flashdrives, and backup drive.  Haul these home every night.  Not sure how much longer my Vera or my back and shoulder can handle the weight.....I made the mistake of getting an extra big bag and don't you know I pack that baby full each and every night:)

I've had a crazy busy weekend of traveling back and forth, twice, to my daughters college to watch her play volleyball.  Her team is now in first place in their conference:)  Was super fun but boy am I tired and tomorrow is Monday!!  Yikes!!  Check back tomorrow for the fun writing activity my kids did with similes...I'm signin out now to yell at the T.V.  My football team (Vikings) are great at doing awesome the first half and then blow it the second!!!  I'm about to throw something.....can ya tell I'm a little crazy when it comes to football????  Maybe if I yell loud enough they might hear me!!  HA!!  Happy Sunday!


  1. My team just lost too (Texans). Glad you are back out here in bloggy land. I've missed your great ideas!

  2. I loved this post! Since I've had a baby I've tried bringing less stuff home, and most days end up with nothing but I still love seeing what everyone has! Love your Vera Bradley bag! I just got a new one this weekend and I think I'll make it my school bag for a while!

  3. I've really enjoyed the bag linky party. I just use an old leather tote I've had for year...I think I need to update and become creative. I've found that if I bring papers home to check...they are still unchecked in my bag on Monday. I like that 4th graders are getting better about checking their own work.

    The past two weekends I was I've so enjoyed this weekend home.


    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  4. Hey Tara! Thats a very cute VERA bag ! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes we have a few floor to ceiling bulletin boards lol! I manage to fill em' all up and still hang strings! Looking forward to ur simile post!

  5. I decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my blog to find out details and grab the Award Pic.


  6. Glad your using your portfolio!! And I love VB too :o) Have a great weekend!!!


  7. VERY pretty VB bag! I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag


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