Odds and Ends:)

I've got a little bit of this and a little bit of that to share.....first, wanted to show my "Daily 5 Clothes Line".  Now I realize all 5 things aren't there yet...they will be soon.  Because I have to also squeeze the basal into my reading block, we are perfecting and working with these 3 right now.  So right now I have 4 rotations, 3 of them are the Daily 5 and one is guided reading with me.  Since this is so new I am learning as I go:)  The best advise I have gotten from everyone else is to make it fit for you, so that's what I am doing:)  Anywho, back to the clothes line...this year I was moved to a new room.  LOTS more storage, LOTS less room and wall space:(  So I am struggling to get all my anchor charts hung up, hence the clothes line.

You can see our book luggage lined up in the back:)

Also wanted to share an idea and new blog I have found.  Assessment Grade Madness is a new blog that I found after May left me a sweet comment.  I saw the cutest idea with fact families yesterday on her blog and told her I had to do it as well.  She had her kids make a frame around a piece of paper and write the multiplication and division facts and then draw the family in the middle.  So Cute!!  My kids went nuts over it.

Please hop over to her blog and check it out.  She has great ideas!!  Thanks May for sharing:)

The last little tidbit I want to share was Truffles got a new home!!  I totally forgot that I applied for and was accepted for the Pets in the Classroom grant.  I saw a post about it at Kleinspiration and thought I would give it a shot.  I LOVE my animals:)  Anywho, got accepted.  I got coupons that paid for new food, home, and a new pet.  I did not use the pet one yet because I already have Truffles.  Saving that for later.  Truffles doesn't know what to do with herself...she went from a "small apartment" to the hamster Hilton...teehee



  1. Oh you have got me kinda wanting a hamster! After this and reading the Humphrey series (which my kids LOVE, thank you!) I kinda want one! What do you do on the weekends? Holidays? Our air/heat cuts off at 4:00 so I wonder how that would work in the winter with a pet!

  2. By the way I love the math drawings! Those are TOO cute!!

  3. I love your clothesline! Super cute! Seeing those fact families make me miss teaching math! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your daughter!!

  4. My kids want a hamster so bad! It's all they talk/write about some days. One girls even has one she wants to bring in....ahhh I don't think I could deal with a real class pet. Right now we have a parrot beanie baby and he is working out just fine! I'm thinking of only doing 4 rotations because 5 right now seems like a lot for my kids and I have a hard time fitting it all in as well. I just like being able to meet with all my groups and I don't want their groups to be too big. Thanks for sharing all your ideas! :)

  5. Tara,
    Your kids did such a good job on their fact families. I love your clothes line, we aren't aloud to hang things from the ceiling:( Thanks again for telling people about my blog! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  6. HAHA Hamster Hilton!!! :) Love it!

    I'm having such a hard time fitting in Daily 5 also. I have 30 minutes of basal, and an hour of guided reading, and then 30 minutes of Word Study. Two weeks, and so far we are the Daily 2! haha! But I will say that I really love the lessons so far and my kids are digging the book boxes and thus, are reading a lot more than they were with centers.

    And I hear you with the anchor charts, everywhere!!! I'd totally do your clothesline thing if I didn't fear the fire marshall.

  7. Truffles is too cute! Wish I could have a classroom pet...I guess the students will have to be the pets for now!

  8. where is the information on the pets in the classroom grant?

  9. I've nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. Come by my blog to check it out. Thanks for all that you share.
    Thinking of Teaching

  10. I have been mia but still reading blogs. I love your new design. and I am totally doing the fact families with multiplication and division with my students tomorrow!


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