Quick Post w/ a Classroom Pinterest Addition

Just a quick post because my list of things to get accomplished today is wayyyyy too long!!  Saw this adorable idea on Pinterest from Mrs. Lamb's room at Views from Room 205.  Rachel's was "Books in the Spotlight" (I think inspired by One Extra Degree, another great blog!) I changed mine a little to "Story in the Spotlight".  Got my lamp at Walmart and the frame at Dollar Tree.  Cute little addition to the classroom.  Again, it amazes me how one little tweak will get the kids excited and all over something.  I had stated in an earlier post how one of my word work  activities was called Secret Word Vocabulary and the kids thought it was super.(even though there really was no secret words...)  Well, as soon as they saw the "Story in the Spotlight" area, I had several ask if they could get that book and read it.  Are ya kidding?  Absolutely!!



  1. Love the idea..now I just need to find a book to get them excited. I have a classroom of 7 boys who do not like to read very much. My goal this year is too make them love to read. Any great book suggestions would be appreciated.


  2. Hey Kim,
    My boys are the same...they love graphic novels so I have been trying to add those to the library.

  3. I hope you had fun seeing your daughter this weekend!! This post has reminded me that I need to make vocabulators like yours! So fun!

  4. This is such a wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. I love it! Isn't it hilarious how you can even introduce something with a goofy voice sometimes and the kids will get excited? I just love the enthusiasm that comes from something new.

  6. I love it! It reminds me of the Kmart special. I am old enough to remember the flashing blue light! Everyone wanted to buy the item...so funny how the spotlight attracts! Love your blog!

  7. Love it

    Just blogged about my looovee for pintrest, check it out



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