Word Work Part 2 and Freebie

I introduced 2 more new activities for word work and they went over great!!  The kiddos really love the different activities.  It's amazing how engaged they get when you throw in some fun letters to move around or stamps to spell with.  I've printed and cut out several of the Scrabble tiles (from Pinterest..LOVE the purple Scrabble tiles..I pinned them:) ) and use them for one activity.  I have also been able to grab a couple of sets of real tiles at Thrift stores.  Even if the game is missing a few tiles, it's still enough to set up an activity for word work:)  The activity that I made to go with it is a freebie today:)  (remember peeps....I'm new to all this stuff)  Hope you enjoy:)

The directions I printed and put on the cover of a folder.  I blogged about this already but here is a pic reminder.

If there's an interest, I'll post some of my other activities soon:)


  1. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. There's an interest! Post more!! :)

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing. We did words Their Way last year with our first graders and it was fantastic. I am now teaching 4th this year, so I am looking for new ideas!

  4. I would love your other activities. I'm doing this for sure, and I'm doing one with stamps. I tried to find some other creative ideas on Pinterest and they had a few, but I'd love to see what else you plan to do. We are launching Work on Writing next week, then Word Work!!

  5. Of course we want to see more! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing~ can't wait to see what else you are doing.

  7. Hi,

    I just wanted to thank you for your sharing and let you know that I have chosen your blog to one of my ten blogs.

    Vintage Teacher

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  8. Tara, I'm very interested! I have so many word game ideas, but I love the cute way you put them together. You're so right---they are much more interested in playing word games when they have a colorful or fun manipulative to play them with. Thanks for sharing!

    Renee in Fallbrook, CA

  9. What great ideas! I would love to have the directions for the word work folders for my center. Thanks for sharing, and I am headed to TMaxx tomorrow for letters! My email is Kathysever@aol.com.

  10. I just blogged about these - tried them out myself :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. When you go to school for teaching, they should tell people to follow other teacher's blogs! I didn't even knew teacher blogs existed!! I am so excited for next year! Your blog is so wonderful I think I'm going to cry! You have no idea how much time/money/sanity you have saved me!!

  12. Thank you so much! You have inspired me as well as saved me time!


  13. Thanks. I love your ideas. I used Daily 5 last year but am looking for ways to jazz it up! You have great ideas. Have you seen online where people are using a Words With Friends version? I seen it but haven't found anyone to describe how they really do it. How about you?



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