Cause and Effect in Reading and Real Life:(

Cause and Effect has been our focus skill for a story we just finished up.  Most of my kiddos get it but to help make sure they all really get it, we used drawing again!!  The story we finished was Mimicry and Camouflage, they loved this story because of the great pics and all the wonderful ways animals and insects use mimicry and camouflage to help them to survive.  After we discussed cause/effect and the "clue words" to help them identify an upcoming cause/effect relationship, they had to choose one cause/effect relationship from the story, draw it and then tell about it in is some of their work.

(this one says : The harmless beetle mimics a dangerous wasp/cause ---- the effect is enemies stay away)

(My lovely camera taking cut off these words....Cause:this praying mantis looks like the flower of an orchid----effect: prey flies right up to it)

Little did I know when I took these pics thinking I was going to post them this weekend, I would have my own "real life" cause/effect relationship to share.  If you follow me at all you know we are off almost every weekend to my daughter's college or one of her volleyball matches.  Well this weekend was no different BUT sadly my baby got hurt.  CAUSE: Because the  opponent kept crossing over the line under the net on the volleyball court during the match.........EFFECT:

My sweet girl came down from a kill attack onto that girl's foot and rolled her ankle:(((  (my daughter has tiny ankles so this still freaks me out!)  She's out for at least a week.  Mom and Dad are too bummed but grateful we were there with her.  Today she sent me this pic:

That's my baby with her gorgeous new footwear.  At least for a while.  The trainer seems to think she should do well with therapy and be back on the court in a week or two.  Soooooo, cause/effect relationships everywhere!!  Happy Sunday night all:)


  1. Yikes!! hope your daughter is better soon.

    I was just working on a cause/effect poster this afternoon that I have pinned on pinterest.

    I like the idea of each child making their own poster.

    Have a good week.


    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  2. OOOOW!
    That LOOKS painful (and I'm sure FEELS even worse!) Hope she is feeling better soon.

    I am so impressed with the vocabulary your kids are using. IMPRESSIVE! Any special secrets you can send my way?

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Aww I hope she feels better soon and has a quick recovery! Sports injuries are so painful in more ways than one! I'm sure she took comfort in the fact that her mom was there...I know I would! You can never outgrow your momma!

    You students word choice is amazing! What smart 4th graders you have!! I love that you included pictures. I will have to do this activity with my class!

    Have a great week and try not to worry too much about your daughter!

  4. OMG, that looks very painful! I hope your daughter's ankle is better soon!

  5. I hope your daughter has a speedy recovery! That is some serious swelling!

  6. Oh I'm so sorry about your daughter! I hope she feels better soon. Love the cause and effect illustrations!

  7. I love, love, love this! I just got home from working on sub plans. Short of a reading lesson for her tomorrow, but now if I can find this book in our library( cross my fingers) I will have one amazing lesson for her. It fits right in with my science this week too! Sad that sub gets to do it and not me:)


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