CRASH, BANG, BIF!! Onomatopoeias and Turtles

Crazy title, I know!  I'm feeling especially hyped up after my yummy Spiced Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks ( I know, I'll be hating life later when I can't fall asleep!!)  So my blog post is going to be a little of this and a little of that (my lack of focus or caffeine....hmmmm)

Adding to our wonderful creativity skills in writing are our Onomatopoeias!!  That word is just nuts!!  I can hardly say it and def. can't spell it without looking at something!  Ha!  So after our little mini lesson on "the long word" (so much easier to type) I gave each of my kiddos a note card and asked them to write just one.  I have lots of cabinet doors in my classroom and over the summer won a wonderful download from Melissa at Life's a Teach.  It is called Figuratively Fables and it is AMAZING!!  Within this unit are a lot of posters of the creativity skills I use in my writing: similes, idioms, "the long word".....I have hung the posters on my cabinet doors and for each skill am having the kids make their cards that are examples of that skill to hang on the door.
You'll notice lots of BOOMS....tried to get them to be creative.  There's a few....Ka-Bow....not pow, and Bing are my faves.

We're also starting a sea turtle research project.  The kids drew out of a bucket one of 5 different species of sea turtles.  I set up a little center for their research.

They are too excited about this.  I'll post the finished projects they are working on in a day or two.  I have to say 5 of my peeps totally surprised me by doing research on their own at home.  One of my sweet girls even came in with a folder of all the research she had done!!  Too cute!  All on their own.  They had other homework, this wasn't part of it so it's cool to know they are so excited about this.

Finally, picked this awesome owl up at Marshalls.  He is now part of our classroom library:)



  1. That owl is adorable! I might just have to get one at Marshalls. I love when kids do homework on their own and are excited about what they are learning in school. The turtle center looks like a fun area to entice their learning. Your awesome ideas make me think I could teach upper elementary! Have a great rest of your week!

  2. WOW. If this is what happens when you drink a pumpkin latte, I am definitely getting one tomorrow. Fun post! Love the onoma... long word posters!


  3. I love the owl! I am teaching "the long word" next week. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Oh this makes me so excited to teach onomatopoeia! Such a fun idea!

  5. I love your display for "the long word"! It is so great to see what another creative teacher can come up with from one of your own ideas! Thanks for letting me know. Love it!
    Life's a Teach!!

  6. I am stopping by to let you know how much I love your blog by presenting you with a Versatile Blogger Award! I see that you already have one, but you deserve to have another.

  7. How awesome that you've got them so excited about learning, they even go off and do resarch when they don't have to! I think that shows success more than any standardized test ever could.

  8. I love this Onomatopoeia activity! I am doing this with my grade 4s this week as part of descriptive writing!
    Thank you for sharing!!


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