Fall found my Room:)

So even though Fall hasn't found Florida yet....(um, bummer, could some of my northern bloggy buds pump some cool air down here?? ) it did find my classroom.  

Can't see them that well but there are fall leaves, little pumpkins, and Indian corn.  Too funny about the Indian corn....one of my students walked in this morning and said "Mrs. Eiken, that is bad corn. " (as in spoiled)  He had never seen or heard of Indian corn before.  I reassured him that we weren't going to eat it...it's just for decoration:)

Yeah, I know, I know....the oranges, browns, and yellows of fall kind of clash with my pinks and greens...Oh well.

Added a banner to my Daily 5 clothesline:)

My door decor!

My FAVE part of the Fall decorations are these adorable pumpkins we made!!  Found them on Pinterest and followed it back to here: Halloween Pumpkin Paper Ornaments.  The directions are super easy and honestly...it didn't take long at all.  My students leaves are a lot smaller than the originals...it's ok though.  I love how they all are a little different and each have their own personality.

I now have 22 adorable paper pumpkins hanging from my ceiling:)

I have a few other little details to add but most of it is done:)  Have a happy weekend all.  Off to see my girl play a huge conference match today.  Yikes....nervous, but so looking forward to getting to see her:) 


  1. Beautiful! Fall is my FAVOURITE time of year! I love how you decorated your classroom, and I love the pumpkin art. I've been doing fall themed art for the last two weeks ... I am a northerner, so I've got to get as much in as possible before ... snow. :(

    Runde's Room

  2. Your room looks cute! I love the hanging pumpkins!!

  3. oh Tara, I just love the fall touches around your room!! It looks so beautiful! I adore those pumpkins, thanks for sharing the find.

    I'm way north of you and it's cool, but it's raining and making those fall leaves a bit drab :/ Will still send cool air thoughts your way...have fun with your daughter today!

  4. I love your decorations! I always loved in school when teachers decorated for different seasons and holidays! I definitely want to do that in my own future classroom! It looks great!!

  5. I love your decor and the pumpkins! I will have to bookmark that! And thank you for all of your descriptive writing lessons lately- we are working on summary, then story, and those will come in handy!

  6. Cute! I grew up in Melbourne and now live in Virginia. While I'm ready to move back to Florida every February, I do love the change of seasons!

    Love your Where We Read Poster!

  7. I love your fall decor! You're inspiring me to make some pumpkins and put out some colorful leaves!

  8. I am in the heart of the Midwest and I'm "officially" sending fall your way!

    Everything in your room looks inviting! Bless you for sharing the pumpkin project link--my extra duty is Art Teacher to K-1 and I am always on the hunt for new ideas!

    Hope all went well with your daughter!

  9. I love the pumpkins. Thanks for sharing. I hope your daughter did well at the game. I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a small award. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.
    I think you are a versatile blogger!

  10. I seem to be following Madison everywhere I go!

    Hello BlogFriend!

    The Versatile Blogger Award and/or the Blog on Fire Award are hereby bestowed upon you and your blog!

    Come to Finding Joy in 6th Grade to pick up your award...


  11. loving your fall decor. Mine is all in the closet. I need to find time to throw it all up:)


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