Look What I Made and a Multiplication Freebie!

I have had clipboards on my to do list  forrrrrrever!  Then life happens and I get so lost in the busy that I don't make/take time to do the fun stuff.  So, last week after I saw an awesome post from my bud Leslie at Jack of All Trades, where she made an adorable clipboard as a gift for her secret pal at school it reminded and remotivated me to make time to do it. SO I did:)  Here they are:

I also made a multiplication "center" for my kiddos.  I am the most excited about this because I have  found the cutest clipart from KPM Doodles and bought a bunch in the hopes that some day soon I can start my own TPT store......maybe.  Until then I can dream and share, right?  So, I know this is not nearly as amazing as lots of the wonderful things I've seen out there but it's a start.  Thank goodness I have the adorable clipart to make it super cute!! 

My plans for this are to print up several sets, laminate them and then have my kiddos work in pairs.  One will have  the answer key and the other will have  the multiplication sheets.  Since they are laminated, they will be able to write on them and erase when they are done:)
Kids are supposed to come to 4th grade with basic multiplication facts memorized but that's in a perfect world so, my babies struggle, especially with the bigger numbers so wanted to make these up for practice.  Monsters kind of fit in with this time of year and my peeps will think the monsters are wonderful:D 

P.S. Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files is having a give away right now with KPM Doodles clipart so ya need to hop on over there and enter it.  If you haven't seen this art yet, you'll fall in love!


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I just printed off 3 sets of these cute multiplication cards! I will be laminating them very soon!

  2. Would it be possible that you could make these to go up to the 12 times tables?!? I would love to have a complete set!

  3. Yeppers!!! I'll get on it:) I just skipped around because I felt like my kids were pretty good and the lower numbers and most of the others are there when you "turn them around" anyway. I'll let you know when it's done:)

  4. Your clipboards are adorable!!

  5. Thank you !!! The clipboards are adorable. I am like you I wish I had time to do the fun projects.

  6. Thanks for entering the give away! I am going to love following your blog! I already LOVE the clipbaords!!!!!!!

  7. I love the clipboards! Thank you for the freebie- I will put them in plastic page protector sleeves and have the kids use a dry erase marker! Our laminator is broken, and they won't fix it!!!

  8. Just found your blog...I teach 4th as well and will be back often. I loved the photos of your clipboards!

  9. I never told you that these look fabulous!! I think at the time I was starting my blogging hiatus. Your blog has been so inspiring Tara! Hope you enjoy your summer!


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