Puddle Word Work Freebie

A little while ago I posted on Create*Share*Inspire where I am a creative contributor about making letters puddles. 
You can find the puddle post here.  My peeps were/are really struggling with spelling the 3rd and 4th grade sight words so decided to make this word work activity to help them out.  It's called Puddle Pops....work with me here....when you put the puddle in the circle it looks like a lollipop:)  Maybe?  Oh well, I get an A for effort:)

Happy creating and spelling all:D

I also want to say a super huge thank you bunches to Madison at Life with Mrs. L
Life with Mrs. L

and Kim at Finding Joy in 6th Grade

for giving me the versatile blogger award.  You all tickle me so much with all your support and sweet comments!!!  If you haven't stopped by these 2 super dupe blogs please do!!  You'll be glad you did!!  Thanks ladies:)


  1. Ahhh! I am so excited that you are sharing this! I started making these cute little letter-thingys this past weekend! I must say.. they are very cute, but are getting rather expensive to buy all of the magnets!! I bought my pack of letter stickers in the dollar bin at Target over the summer.. for $1 course.. and then the magnets are almost $6 for 52 of them... And I'm attempting to make over 300 of these.. where did you find cheaper magnets?

  2. Hi Ashley,
    The magnets do get expensive. I like the disc ones from Walmart but for this activity I don't put magnets on the back. I just let the kids slide them around on their desks. Saves in money and time:) Hope this helps;)

  3. The letter puddles are very pretty and colorful! I bet kids love using them!

  4. Too fun. Do you ever sleep? Thanks for sharing the pops template!


  5. Hi Tara:

    Thanks for the blog mention! It has sent a few lookers my way.

    I have letters and "pebbles" ready to assemble--the 6th graders think SpellCheck solves everything! That's why we are still working on sight words in Daily 5 Word Work!

    Happy day!


  6. Cute! I just might have to make some of these... :)


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