Shake, Write, Learn Tumblers

What a treat!  Got this from one of my super sweet students and his mom!  Is that cat adorable?  They painted the box all cute and then under the cat were some new dry erase markers in fall colors!!  LOVE!!

So I have been noticing that my peeps are having trouble spelling sight words.....not super good since they have the Florida writes test and the bar keeps getting raised higher and higher....are you kidding, do these poor kids not have enough pressure.  So, I decided to add some sight word activities to my Word Work.  I have seen some super cute different sight word shakers and decided to try making something like that for my kids.  I'm calling them Shake, Write, Learn tumblers.  They are kinda like a mini version of my Vocabulators but sight word specific.  I wanted them to be fun yet functional.

I got all this at Dollar Tree.  I wanted something in them to keep the noise level down so added the pom poms.  I originally found these amazing little foam balls at the Dollar Store.
Thought they would be silent and work wonderfully.......NOT!  I don't know if it is because they are so light weight or the static or both but all the words went to the middle of the tumbler and stayed there!!  I'll have to come up with something else to do with those......On to Plan B, the pom poms and little beads. 
I printed my words on card stock, laminated, cut and we are off:)

I wanted to make a work sheet to go with these to add to my Word Work activities.  I have seen several awesome ideas on Pinterest.....this is little bits of some that I liked.  Yes, I realize my kids are fourth graders and some of you may be thinking.....rainbow write???  Well, I say, what ever works and makes it fun in the process:)  My thinking......the more times they write it over and over, the more they will remember it.

Hope you can use this!  I also would like to introduce you all to the cutest little rabbit I think I have ever seen and the newest member of my family....

Is she stinkin cute or what?????  She fits in your hand!!!  Wish she stayed that small:) 

Happy Saturday all!!!  My little girl is home from college so we've got some "girl time" to catch up on.  (BIG SMILE!!!)


  1. I love the tumblers! That is so cute! My 4th graders do rainbow write once a week with their spelling words! They love it!

  2. I just blogged about you! I gave you the Blog on Fire award :)

  3. These are super cute! My brother and I are going to create these for our Grade 4 class (two teachers two classes :D ) I LOVE the idea of using the pom poms to keep it quite. I have 26 kids, loud vocabulators are not on my list of awesome ideas!

  4. So jealous of the cute rabbit AND time with your college girl!!! Happy Sunday.


  5. This looks great! Thanks for linking up :)

  6. I am a brand new teacher who (I am ashamed to admit) has been stalking your blog all school year. I pinned your tumblers on Pinterest and you would not believe how many re-pins it has had. It seems that almost every time I look at my emails to see what has been re-pinned, someone has pinned the shakers. Apparently, these are filling a void in many classrooms across the country. I thought you'd appreciate knowing that your work is appreciated by others. I am so grateful for the fact that you willingly share ideas with all of us. This year would have been far more challenging for me without blogs like yours. Thank you so much!

  7. I just saw your shakers on another blog and came over to check them out. What a great idea! I am always on the lookout for simple to make and use activities. These will definitely be in my little ones' hands this year. I am now following your blog and would love it if you visited back.
    Have a great day!

  8. wonderful blog...have a great day!

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