Spidey Stuff - Main Idea and Details

We just finished a chapter in our Science text so today we used the leveled reader that went with that chapter during guided reading.  The super little book was called Web Wizards and it was all about spiders.  Perfect timing with the whole Halloween time of year (would love to say "oh yes, I planned it all that way."  NOT, it just happened)  We also have been doing Main Idea and supporting details so, this afternoon my kiddos worked in groups and made spider posters with the spider/Web Wizards  being the main idea.

They had to draw a spider....I have to say, some of them totally creep me out!!  I have some pretty good artists.  Next, they had to write details about the spiders that they learned from the book we read this morning.  Each detail was put on a note card. 

Then they glued the note cards around the edges of the poster.  The spokes of the web came next.  One from each card to the spider (in the center).  Then they just made the lines to make the web. 

  I think they turned out pretty neat.  Loved the team work I saw having them working in groups...only one group needed a referee  redirection........

I also wanted to share about a great blog and fun idea I saw.  The Schroeder Page has lots of super ideas.  She just recently posted about using laser fingers as props to keep the kids engaged.  Go read about it here:) I got super excited about this idea and filed it in the "remember to do this Tara" file in my head.  Well, yesterday I went to Dollar Tree because my kids must be eating my dry erase markers  I never have enough dry erase markers and what do I see as I'm waiting to check out????????????

I used them today and my kids thought I was wonderful!!  I have also decided to use them with my guided reading groups.  I bought enough so each student can use one as a pointer.  Kinda fun:D

P.S.  Thanks for all the sweet comments and well wishes for my daughter.  You guys are amazing and so supportive:)  She is doing well.  She has several hours of physical therapy a day and working hard to get back on the court!  She's out of her boot already and in a wrap:)  Thanks all:))



  1. This is so funny! I was shopping at Dollar Tree just last week with a teach friend of mine (because that is what teachers do! *grin*) and we saw these little things and thought they were great for teaching - both bought a bunch! Great teachers think alike :)

  2. Brilliant! enjoyed every bit and is is going to be shared in FB!
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  3. Just stopping by to peek into your planbook. Great activity! LOVE the finger lights. I'll have to go get some. At Halloween, I let the kiddos .use the witch fingers for pointers. Come by and peek into my planbook.

    Happy Weekend!
    Rebecca at
    The Teacher's Chatterbox


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