Super News and Project Turtle Continued

Today the little ones completed their turtle projects.  After researching their turtle in books and then on the computer, they put all their info. together and came up with these....

I think they turned out super good and can't wait to hang them up in the hallway next week.  Their research was focused to a specific species of sea turtle.  For this they drew out of a bucket.  We included Kemps Ridley, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green Sea Turtle, and Leatherback.  They had to research: FACTS, NESTING HABITS, and THREATS to that species. 

Each of those is a flap with their info. under the flap.

We've been reading a Reader's Theatre Called Emerald's Eggs (from Harcourt) and they love it.  We have also watched a few video clips about sea turtles and why they are endangered.  Last year I adopted a Sea Turtle named Hope for my class.  I am looking into doing the same thing this year:)  It really connects the kids to the environment and opens their eyes to the fact that we play a big part in helping (or hurting) the survival of these sweet creatures.

And now, for the good news......drum roll please.........My Donors Choose project was fully funded yesterday!!!!!!!  I am so stinkin excited and so grateful I can't even tell you!!  We are getting a color Nook and case!!!!  My kiddos are so excited.  It's like Christmas in my room and we haven't even gotten it yet!!

Now (after another Spiced Pumpkin Latte.....hoping it will help me get everything done.....can you say coffee addict???)  I am off.  I want to do some fun Pinterest projects this weekend, have a ton of papers to get graded and entered....our 1st quarter ended today....where does the time go?????  Hoping to spend some time in the garden too for some much needed relaxation:)  Happy Weekend bloggy buds!!


  1. I am secretly teaching 4th grade through your blog! Love it!
    I am a new follower!

  2. You have such great ideas! Love the sea turtle project!

  3. I'm sorry Tara!!! I know she would be thrilled if you asked her to do a giveaway and I don't think it's her first from what she and I talked about! I'll enter yours because I can't enter mine!!!! :)

  4. Tara I love the project your kiddos did. I may have to try it with mine :)

  5. I had my students research Brian Wilson (after Buddy Holly, and before their own choice) and had struggled with how to get them to show me what they found. Your sea turtle project is the PERFECT way for my students to show off what they have learnt in an easy to complete project. Thank you so much for this idea!!

  6. I love this idea! So many different ways to adapt such a nice neat little head is whirling! Thanks for linking up.
    Thinking of Teaching


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