Vocab Journals, Lasers, Creatures and Update

Daily 5 (currently 3 in my classroom) is running great.  I still have to use the basal.....so, I manage to squeeze it in.  The stories in the basal have vocabulary words and some of them are pretty tough so we use a vocabulary journal.  I have been using this (or some form of it) for 3 years....and, the original idea is not mine but was shared a few years ago.  Each student has a notebook that is their vocabulary journal.  I make labels each year for these.  On each page we put 2 words.  We divide each page so there are 8 boxes.  (4 for each word)  1st box = the vocab. word, 2nd box = the definition, 3rd box = synonyms, 4th box = antonyms and examples. 

This is a pic of half a page.  I also let the kids draw pics if it will help them.

This is a whole page.....sorry it doesn't show up very well:/
These really help the kids grasp an understanding of the vocab.  They also pull these out to use during writing to add to their narratives.

A few days ago I blogged about the great idea I had seen using the laser fingers.  Well, I have been using them during guided reading only and the kids are LOVING them!!

Got them at Dollar Tree!!  Best thing everrrrrrr!!

I also wanted to blog about a super cute idea I started using today during Daily 5.  I got the idea and worksheet from Pitner's Potpourri.  If you haven't been to Mary's blog you have to pop in.  She has lots of wonderful FREE downloads.  She shares all her ideas and they are great!!  I wanted to do some fun activities to do with Halloween and I found this adorable Creepy Creatures writing activity at her blog.  I'm posting some pics as a teaser......if you want to read more about it, check it out here:)

If you look closely, you will see "creepy creatures" on the students desks and papers.....they loved this and it fit in perfectly with Work on Writing for Daily 5. 

Daughter ankle update (totally non-teacher related....sorry)

This pic freaked me out!!  I thought it was broken, infected, falling off........just kidding but it did freak me out!

Good news:  had an x-ray today and nothing is broken.....
Bad news: she tore all 3 ligaments and has nerve damage:,(  Huge bummer!  Out for the rest of the indoor season and lots of therapy to work towards beach season.  That lovely black thing they called a swelling squid.....kinda looks like it doesn't it?  She is now in a air cast.  So hard on mommy to be 2 hours away!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!



  1. Oh my I HAVE to go get those laser fingers! So cool!! Also, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter! I hope she has an easy recovery.

  2. The lase fingers look sooo cute! I know my kids would love them! Your daughter's ankle looks so painful! Ouch!

  3. Hi! I am LOVING your page!!! I have used so many of your ideas, and am venturing into starting a teaching blog myself. I've only done a few posts so far. Anyway, I noticed in one of your pictures a math worksheet. It looks just like the enVisions program I use, is it? I teach math in small groups and I'm wondering if you use the same program if you teach whole group or in small groups? Thanks for sharing...it saves so much time!

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