Field Trip

I spent the past 2 days on field trips with my kiddos.  Half the group went on a hike and the other half went on a boat with me and then we switched.  They got to learn all about the Charlotte Harbor Estuary.  The weather was super (ok, a little hot day 1.....high 80''s November people!!), but beautiful!  It was so neat to see their faces explode with excitement.  Some of my kids have never been on a boat before and then to see all the plants and animals.....that was icing on top:)  We saw dolphins (momma and baby), eagles, white pelicans all the way from Montana (my fave), sea stars, shrimp, crabs.....I could go on and on.

Spider crab missing some legs:(

One of the kids fave part of the boat trip was when our guide ran a net through the turtle grass and the kids got to pick through it and put all the little live animals in a little tank to observe.  This critter was a first time's a sea hair.  It that cool or what?!  Really interesting!

Kids were in awe most of the day:)

White pelicans all the way from Montana to Florida.  Our captain said they are the 2nd largest bird in North America.  So super cool!

The underside of a sea urchin.

Watchin the dolphin!!

Super  fun and educational day!  That's what it's all about.  Fun mixed with learning! 


  1. wow, what an incredible fieldtrip!! That will definitely be one of those school memories that will last forever for your students! Are you off for break soon? Oh, and I know it's November, but I am way jealous of your 80 degree weather--it's gotten very COLD here again!! :)

  2. Amazing! That's something that so many kids never get to see. I love it! Kind of makes the museum and park look ridiculous...
    What fantastic memories!

  3. Wow, you guys experienced a great field trip. Your pictures are great!

  4. AMAZING! Do you guys have field trip money built into your budget? We don't really get to go very far these days.

    I'm thinking about your guest post and wondering if you'll share with my readers all about your favorite holiday read aloud.


  5. That sounds like so much fun! What a great field trip. Wish we were close to water...any water at all!
    Buzzingw with Ms. B

  6. Incredible! Those are memories that you and the kiddos will truly treasure--and you have pictures! YAY, you!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  7. What a neat experience for your kids!! Sounds like you are having an exciting year. Thanks for popping in on my blog, I'm glad to be back in the blog world!


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