Pumpkin Pals, Native Americans, and a Reminder

Just a quick post with a few random thoughts all thrown together:)  Don't cha love how my mind works.....Random thought one:  We are book buddies with a super cute kinder class in our school.  My kids love it.  We try to get together every other week and my "grown ups" read to the kinder littles.  Well the last time we got together I decided to try something different.  I gave each of my kids a blank piece of paper.  Once we got with our book buddies, the littles drew a pic of a pumpkin and the "grown up buddy" drew a picture of a pumpkin.  Then the littles narrated to the "grown up book buddy" a pumpkin story that was written on the back.  They turned out super cute.  I made it into a book and gave it to them yesterday.

Random thought number 2:  We have started looking at different Native American tribes of Florida.  Our county is really into Thinking Maps so I decided to do tree maps with our first tribe.

Sorry you can't see it too well.  The headings they wrote about were: food, homes, games, and government. 

Finally, random thought number 3:  If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway.  I have teamed up with KPM Doodles.  She has the cutest holiday stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas AND she just posted some brand new sets yesterday:)  If you haven't entered, click here to do it.  Giveaway ends tonight at midnight, you know, when I turn into a pumpkin!!!  I will post winners tomorrow when I get home from school.  I am not an early morning blogger.......sorry.  GOOD LUCK!!


  1. I always love to see what you guys are doing in class! Those thinking maps are really interesting--I bet they are extremely helpful. I entered your giveaway, thanks for hosting it!! :)

  2. Love the pumpkin pals! I used to have a couple students who loved reading to our pre-k class!

  3. It was a great day for these kids. All these pictures are really cute. I want you to check this https://college-homework-help.org/blog/research-essay page later.


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