Scrapbook Book Reports and an Announcement

So I wanted to change up the old homework routine the week before we had Thanksgiving break.  My peeps normally have some Math (sometimes) but for sure have to read and respond in their Active Reading Journals.  I have wanted to have them do a book report as a scrapbook page for a while but wasn't sure how it would turn out.  I typed up a quick letter to parents explaining their new homework.  I went over what was required on the page, sent them home with a big piece of white paper and waited....................When Friday came I was overjoyed!!!  They really did an amazing job and were so creative.  I didn't even have a sample to show them.  Then, are you ready for this????  I had several ask if they could please do this again!!!!  Asking me to do homework, really?  Wohooo!!  Now, did they all do an amazing job??  No, unfortunately I had a few that you could tell didn't dig deep in the creativity pocket....and then there were 2 that looked as though they did it on Thursday night (even though they had all week)....possibly even in they car Friday morning on the way to school.........bummer!!  That's ok.  I know the amazing ones will inspire for the next time we do this.  This is what I required for this project (wanted to start small since it was their first time and I had no idea what to expect):
- the title of the book
- the main character/characters
-short summary of the book
- favorite part of the book
This one was super, duper cool...he folded the paper to make it look like a diary.

This is the inside!!!

This one has little flap books to open with the info:)
Again, more little pockets and flap books.

Sorry to post soooo many pics...I just was too excited by these!!!  Finally, my announcement.  I finally have a Teacher's Notebook store.  I can't believe it and am too excited.  It's just a baby but I have big plans for it!!!  I have to give a massive, huge, loud shout out to Janaye at Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes.  She is the sweetest, most patient person I know.  She baby stepped me through the whole process and answered a million spaztic emails from me!!  THANK YOU Janaye!! 
So if you have a sec, please stop by my brand new Teacher's Notebook store:D
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  1. Love this idea! We will definitely do it in my classroom in January. We just finished up book talks. It's sorta like speed dating :) Half of the class puts their desk in a circle with a chair in front of the desk for the listener. They decorate their desk with props and can even dress up like a character from the book. They give a two minute talk about their book (including all the things you have listed above), and then the timer goes off and the listener moves to the right. This way each person gives their presentation to 12 people. Got the idea from a magazine years ago, but can't remember which one. This is my 5th year of doing it and the kids love it!! I even had siblings of kids I've had in the past ask if we are going to do it with their class!!

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  3. Hi Tara!
    I gave you a Shout Out on my blog...
    Come take a look!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. THose are so awesome! The diary one is my favorite... it even has a little key hanging from it!

  5. awesome! would you mind sharing your letter?

  6. Wow, what amazing book reports your students completed. You can really see the hard work and creativity in each one.

  7. Thanks for the shout out!!! :) Congrats again on your store--I hope it is going well for you so far!! (Also, sorry it took so long to respond....I've been MIA!)

    By the way, love your scrapbook activity! I'll bet the kids love them.

  8. Can you send your parent letter about your book reports to me? My email is


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