12 Days Giveaway Update!!

Hey all!!!!  Yes, I know I am doing a blogging no no by posting 2 times in one day BUT.....I guess I made a goof!!!  Can I claim that my brain isn't working in anticipation of my oh so too terribly excited and anxious for Christmas students I will be seeing in the morning????  Or exhaustion from fighting crowds to finish shopping because I was a spaz and left it until the last minute????  Anywho, I have had several of you say that you have tried to rate one of my products and can't (that is one of my entries for the giveaway)....I am very new to Teachers Notebook so forgive my ignorance:(((  I emailed them and they said rating can be done for a purchased item...I guess not freebies...sorry, my goof!  If you would like to leave me a message on my Teachers Notebook (feedback) and leave me a comment on one of the items (that's like rating it right????) then that can be the entry for "rating" an item.

Click pic below to go to my Teachers Notebook store:)

 The good news.....there's still plenty of time:D  Again, I'm sorry for the confusion and oh so excited by all the entries in the giveaway!!!      (click the pic if you want to go to the giveaway)

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