Join in the Fun!!!

Hey gang!!  Wohoo!!!  It's Friday!!!  My precious little sweeties have a case of the Pre-Christmas is coming, school break is close, I'm so excited I can't stand it disease.  Wow!!  Anywho,  I didn' t get a chance to post here this morning (because it was the crack of dawn) but you must hurry over to Farley's blog and enter the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.  I was a guest blogger today and I am giving away 2 super duper things:)  So excited to be a part of such a fun giveaway:))
Have a happy Friday and a blessed weekend!!


  1. I am heading over now to check it out...too bad we can't win!!!

  2. It will totally turn around...I think around 9pm mine finally started going up...It's so stressful!!! But mine also stayed on there 2 days because the next person had something major come up and her post didn't go out till the night of her actual day...So I feel like I got 2 days worth. You are so silly. I guess it's a normal feeling though!!!

  3. Oh mercy, my class has that same case oh the "I don't want to pay attention, I don't want to listen because Christmas break is near!" Although I have to admit, I am also VERY READY for a break!!!


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