Last 2 Days of Fun - Pinterest Style

I can't believe I am on break!!!  This last week has been a fun one but absolutely exhausting...mostly mentally.....wound up kiddos, breaks in normal routines, crafts, grades in for report cards, and the worst......saying goodbye to my sweet, sweet student from Hungary who is returning there.  Yes, I did the ugly cry yesterday:.(  My classroom will not be the same without her.  Super sweet girl who truly made me grow as a teacher as she came speaking no English at all and left speaking so much...amazing, precious child.

Ok, before the ugly cry starts again, I'm gonna chat about our crazy last 2 days. I loved all the theme days I saw on blogs and Pinterest and next year will do a better job at planning ahead......Grinch Day was Tuesday, and Polar Express Day/pajama day was Thursday.

I made each child a Mixed up Snowman Snack that I saw on Pinterest from Gourmet Mom on-the-go.  They loved it and it really turned out cute.  I redid the tags.
It really did look like a snowman in a bag:D

Then, you can't have Polar Express day without bells.........

I think the kids were more excited about the bells than anything....they kept asking if they could keep cute.  They were too funny and jingled them during the "appropriate" times in the movie.

We finished our puzzle piece reindeer, found on.......where else??? Pinterest....from For What it's Worth.

I love how they each had their own "personality".  (like the one on the right looks like he's watching you.....teehee)

As usual....Petunia had to get in on the fun!!!

Here's a pic of the gifts I gave my peeps....they each got a book from Scholastic, pencil, eraser, reading rocks bracelet, also from Scholastic, and a candy cane.

Fun days.  I told them all to rest up cuz we are hitting it hard when they come back in January:)
I know I posted that I would be sharing my snowman stories....well, I still haven't taken pics but promise will post them before Monday.  They turned out too cute and are the last thing I have to get graded!!  Happy weekend all and happy break to those of you that are out!!


  1. You always do the nicest things for your class Tara!! Happy vacation to you you, hope we can catch up more when I'm out next week :)

  2. I LOVE all the little treats you prepared for class - how sweet! Enjoy your well-deserved time off ... I'm still at it until the 23rd (ugh!).

    Runde's Room

  3. What a great post! I LOVE everything! I had never heard of the snowman in a bag. That's really cute. The puzzle reindeer...what a cheap and easy idea that comes out really cute!!! Happy Break! We are going to see the new chipmunk movie to celebrate!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  4. Hi Tara:
    I want to be in YOUR class!!!
    What a sweet collection of kindness and fun.
    Enjoy those days of BLISS...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  5. Goodness you had GADS of fun!!! I still have the puzzle reindeer pin that my little boy made in his preK-3 class way back when . . . LOVE it!!! I'm glad that you're keeping the magic alive for your fourth graders. They are NEVER too cool for magic.

    Thanks for stopping by this morning - I just posted the Deck The Cards idea on TBA . . . my husband thinks it's going to be a difficult gift to finish since you'd REALLY have to know the person well . . . I'm thinking about having us do one as a family for his mom . . .

    Also, I've got a Book Tour offer from Maria Dismondy for you - can you email me so I can send the details? gruenergang @

    Cheers! Barbara

  6. Wow, I LOVE those reindeer!! I am SO doing those next year. I already pinned it myself ;)

  7. It might finally snow in January here in Georgia, so I'm saving the Mixed-Up Snowman Snack for after Christmas. We usually do lots of activities with snowmen in January. :) Thanks bunches!!


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  8. I love the puzzle piece reindeer! That is too cute! You are such a fun teacher, I know!

  9. LOVE how your reindeer turned out! Thanks for sharing! :)


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