New Year Bookmark Freebie and Giveaway Reminder

I made this bookmark to give my kiddos to start the year off (hopefully) on the right foot.  My classroom and a lot of what we do has been centered around The Book Whisperer and Daily 5 (which is new to me this year) so of course the bookmark HAD to do with reading.

Their first morning back they will start the day with their weekly book frenzy (a la Book Whisperer) so these little bookmarks will greet them for that:)

(I bought some really cute star ribbon to put on the top but it looked a little overkill so decided to go simple:) )

I have posted them at my Teachers Notebook store for free to share with you all:)  I made it in color and black/white as well.  Hope you can use them:)  Leave me some love if you do:))

I also wanted to remind you about my Holly Jolly giveaway (just named it yesterday)!  So if you haven't I would pretty please with sugar on top love it if you would enter:)  (I know, I know....think I'm trying to break a record for run on sentences today!!)  The winner will get 3 items of their choice from my Teachers Notebook store.  Click picture below to enter and for details:)

Now, I have GOT to stop procrastinating and do some inventory (make sure I have my shopping done which I am sure I don't which means I will have to brave the crowds, which I don't do, soooooooo), some wrapping, some cookie making and some cleaning!
Have a happy Wednesday all:)


  1. Those are so cute,thank you for sharing. I am checking out your giveaway right away!Good luck on the inventory, seems like I am NEVER done!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Thanks Tara!!! I love these!!!! I've been very book whisperer focused this year as well!!! Off to print & laminate!

    Happy Holidays!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  3. Also... I have a post on my blog with a collection of bookmarks where I give credit for the creator and link it to their post. Would you mind if I added you?

  4. I've added them :) you can see it here

  5. Pick up your Christmas card here! Pass it along to your favorite blogs if you like!


  6. These are cute, useful, and a great reminder for the New Year. Thanks!
    2B Honey Bunch

  7. Love it! Thank you...I'm a new stalker! I just found out I am teaching 4th grade starting in January so please keep posting your amazing ideas. :) I promise they will be used! Every single one!

  8. this is such a smart idea, love the bookmarks!

    xo Nav

  9. Love the bookmarks and the message! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!


  10. I love these bookmarks! Haven't read blogs in a LONG time, but I was so glad that yours was the first in my Reader! I pinned them from your Teacher's Notebook shop!

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

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  12. Thanks for sharing the bookmarks.

    By the way, you inspired me to make altered clipboards for my teammates this Christmas and they loved them!

    Happy Holidays :0)

  13. I LOVE the bookmarks!! I'm going to link to them from my blog.
    Lisa at

  14. These are definitely on my list of things to print tomorrow! Love them!

    Hope King

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