New Years Resolutions Linky

Today I'm linking up with A Teacher's Treasure for a New Year's Resolution linky!  I have so many I want to do and then there's so many I should do and then the need to do.. soooooooo, here goes!

1) Spend more time in my Bible and get a devotional journal going:)
 2)  Gotta be lose weight!  Hate having to make that one every year:(  Would give anything to be one of those naturally skinny people but I'm not soooooo, I shall try once again!!  Good news is I've been walking since I got out on Christmas break so at least I'm not starting that on day 1.  Also have been doing some boxing with a heavy bag and if I don't break something I may be on my way:)
3)  Stay on top of my house work!!  Either my classroom is all in order and my house is upside down or it's the other way around.  So getting organized in both at the same time!
4)  Squeeze in some ME TIME!  Take some time for me to read, journal, garden, and exercise.  I tend to throw it all into one basket (the classroom basket) and put everything else aside.
5)   Be the best mom and wife I can be.

1)  Push myself in areas I feel I am weak. 
2)  Go with the flow and not freak out every time something changes in my classroom/school world!!  I tend to not deal with change very well at all!!  (to the point of very bad headaches:( )  I think God is growing me in this area because evidently I am getting a student teacher the first week we are back.  The 2011 me is freaking out because FCAT is coming and there is soosooo much to do and oh my gosh!!!!!!  2012 me is trying to say (it's not 2012 yet so cut me some slack)  God is in control and it will all work out:)
3)  Amp up my Math instruction and come up with creative/effective ways to get those stinkin multiplication facts set in stone in my babies brains!!
4)  Sign up for some good professional development and read more professional development books!

So there you have it!  I am sure there are so many more I need to list but those are some of my tops!  Jump in and join the linky:)


  1. I could go on and on about your wonderfulness--despite that lengthy list of resolutions you just posted--but instead I'll just send you a HUGE CyberHug and say: I am blessed to have you as a BloggyBuddy, Tara. I think you are terrific!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. OK, THAT student teacher is blessed beyond measure to be landing in your classroom and she probably has NO idea . . . . have fun 'growing' her while God 'grows' you!!! Sending smiles from the west,


  3. Tara, I'm the same way! my life revolves around school & work and I don't tend do get enough me time. It has really effected me both my health and emotionally. I absolutly need to work on that.
    Seems like you def. got started on working out! You're ahead of the game!
    You've got some great goals!

    Thanks for linking up :)

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  4. Oh, your post really resonates with me! I too want to lose weight and get caught up in my classroom while the rest is slowly but surely falling apart, one paper at a time!!! I hope your new year is WONDERFUL!

  5. Your student teacher is one lucky duck! I know they will learn so much from you! Do you mind emailing me or leaving me a comment with your email address? I want to email you something, but couldn't find your email on your blog. is my email! Thank you!!

  6. Me time is a good one. And you're right. I totally forgot about Project Runway in my 11 in '11! Have a great New Year.

  7. I definitely agree with your post!! Good luck to you in 2012 in reaching your goals!

  8. those are very good


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