Door Decor - Book Whisperer + A Reminder

Quickie post!!!  It's Literacy Week.  Lots of fun!!  We are having a door decorating contest.  I wanted to share our door.  One of my kiddos fave books in the world is The Great Fuzz Frenzy.
Super cute book....lots of great lessons to pull out of this one.  Well, anywho, we decorated our door Fuzz Frenzy style...Here are some pics......
(it's hard to see the underground tunnels)
and some close ups.....
I also wanted to share......our school is doing a book club on.........................

Woot! Woot!!!  I am sooooo excited!  This book changed my whole teaching world (along with Daily 5).  It's too fun to hear others chattin about it and sharing !!!  Love!!!

Don't forget, my yummy giveaway with My Blue Snowflake ends tomorrow night at midnight. 

And now I have to go do something....anything.....dishes, laundry, run around the house.....oh my goodness, I had a Starbucks Venti (which means HUGE) Iced Vanilla Latte and I'm pretty sure I'm close to heart attack mode because the caffeine has kicked way in and I am driving my poor son crazy because I can't stop talking and dancing and snapping and ............................................................................................HOLY COW....I hope I can sleep tonight....probably not:(  My fault!!


  1. Ohhhh. So there were no shovels involved??? {grinning} That door is too cute!
    I'm sure you are pretty funny after a latte--and I bet you got most of your to-do list completed on that caffeine overload!

    Sending you happy thoughts...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Cuter than cute1 I hope you'll check out my new units at my blog :-)

    - Lisa
    a teachers bag of tricks

  3. You WIN with that door...I want to read the book now! So cute! I bet your students LOVE it!
    I can totally relate to your caffeine at night issue! I am working on a pepsi at 7pm due to the amount of work I have to do. It's so ridiculous. We had a showing scheduled from 4-5:30. We RUSHED home and cleaned like maniacs then got in the car and pulled into the cul de sac. Waiting in the stinkin car over an hour. They showed up at 5:15. :( If I would have only known I had an extra hour to mop etc. So there we sat holding our pee and starving to death. (my kids are a bit dramatic)
    anyway...sorry friend, but needed to get it out. Thanks for letting your comments take my vent!!!! :)
    I am off to get the laundry put away. Can't stuff anymore back into the dryer to hide it so I guess I better deal with it.
    Tell us when you win that door contest!!!!

  4. AdOrAbLeNeSs to the max!!! We LOVE that book, too . . . so very entertaining!!! Thanks SO much for sharing those pictures. Your student teacher is getting SUCH a great experience.


  5. Super cute door!!!! :)
    I wish coffee did that to me. It doesn't. I can drink coffee before bed and have no problem. :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. Oh my goodness - how cute is that door!!! And I'm with Kristen - wish coffee still had that effect on me, too. I'm drinking one right now, and will probably need another just to stay awake long enough to get some work done tonight.

    Runde's Room

  7. I LOVE that story! What a great idea!


  8. The Great Fuzz Frenzy is one of my favorite books! Your door looks amazing! We are doing celebrate literacy week as well but don't get to decorate doors anymore. :( Something to do with the fire department and they will be back soon to check on our school since they were just in a few weeks ago. My school did The Book Whisperer last year as a book study and teachers ended up loving it! I know I got a lot of great information from it and I think it's a great read for all teachers! Thanks for sharing!
    Rambling About Reading

  9. OH how I have missed reading your blog, Tara! I LOVE your is TOO cute!!

    My class is LOVING the Humphrey series! :)

  10. Your dorr looks awesome!! You did a great job! What a great book study. I love the book!!!

    I NEED to win that giveaway :)

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  11. your door is SOOO cute!!! i am sure you are a winner!!! I have to get that book (Book Whisperer)... I am going to a workshop this weekend and that author is going to be there and my FAVE Jeff Anderson!!!! YAY squealing and hubby is looking at me funny... ok I have laundry to do and unlucky me no coffee high to help me get through it :(


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