Homophone Hugs!

Told ya I'd be back with another idea I have for the "shaker bottles" that I posted about the other day. (If you missed it you can check it out HERE)  Well, another area my kiddos needed work was with homophones so I made these........

I am super excited to introduce these to my kiddos tomorrow for Word Work in our Daily 5.  I've put this on my Teachers Notebook store if you are interested.  The set includes 40 pairs of homophones and 2 different types of worksheets to use with them.  (click on pic to go check it out:) )

I also wanted to remind you about the wonderful book giveaway...Pink Tiara Cookies for Three!
It ends at midnight tonight so if you haven't entered, it's super easy......just leave a comment about the book for the author. That's it....done....who couldn't use a new book for their library...especially one that teaches kids how friendship really should work:)  Click on the pic of the book to enter.....hurry.....quick...before time runs out......like now.....go....................ok, you guessed it....I had a latte after school:D  BUSTED!

P.S.  I have been tagged....a few times.....I will get to that (hopefully) soon.....hopefully:)


  1. Your "latte moments" always crack me up!
    I love these shakers! I would make them and then just have fun shaking and looking at the words by myself!
    Happy day, BlogFriend!
    (Oh dear! Must be an exclamation point kind of day!)

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    PS You got a ton of entries for Maria's book.
    Yay you!

  2. You've been tagged by Mrs. L. Click here to figure out how to tag someone else.

  3. I love the homophone hugs are adorable. I am going to try that this week.

    I tagged you - and see that someone beat me to it.

  4. Tara, these are adorable! I love the homophone idea! I wonder if you could do it with synonyms and antonyms? Your ideas are always so fun and inspire me to be more creative.

  5. You are on a roll!!! :)
    I can't believe all of the tagging going on - I'm exhausted!!!! :)
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. Hey girl! How do you do it?! You always find time to make the most creative and helpful items for your students. This is just too cool!

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