Feb. Currently and Thanks Bunches:)

Hey gang....jumping on the Farley train with February's Currently....but before I do that can I say thanks guys!!  You all have sent the sweetest comments when I said I had the crud.....well, I didn't have it.....I caught it....from a student.....maybe more than one......yucky.....(no Kim, I haven't had my latte yet....that's right after this post so I can't explain the run on mess above.....) ANYWHO, you all are too sweet!!!  That's why I just love the blogosphere (is that a word???) so very much....everyone is so nice and caring!!  So thank you....the crud is almost gone:)   Now to my currently:
Now I'm off to make my latte.....ya'll should be thankful I didn't do that before posting or this post would have been a mess!!!  If you haven't done it yet (I feel like I'm the late one to the party this time:( )  hop over to Farley's blog and join in!


  1. I made the currently!!!! Glad you're feeling better! Love ya!

  2. Hey, do you and your class want to learn about Mardi GRAS? If so, click on the link to sign up to skype with my 4th graders.


  3. never heard of stumbling, totally googling it now!

  4. What Stumbling?!? I'm sensing a new addiction....
    Yey for seeing your daughter again soon! I'm glad you're feeling a little better :)
    What a sweet plan for your RAK. You daughter and roomies will love it!
    I got off caffeine over a week ago and miss it soooooooooo much! Been suffering from major headaches because of it and I'm tired all the time.

    Hope you're having a great week!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
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  5. Hi Tara:
    HOORAY for daughter time!
    (And hooray for latte time too)

    I was reading the Fuzz book again with a group of my kids, laughing out loud.
    I see something new every time I read it.
    That makes a good book GREAT.

    You can run on your sentences whenever you want to--I'll give you extra points for VOICE on all of those state assessments!

    Thanks for thinking of me Tara... Your shout-out made my day!

    Hey! I may have fixed my comments--even in IE (or maybe not... but I can dream...)

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. Being a chocolate fairy is a wonderful idea!!

  7. What is stumbling?

    - Lisa
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