Sad Sight, Math, and Repurposed Sentence Strips

Hey all!!!  Happy Thursday!  Boy this week has flown by since we started it on Tuesday!!!  First of all I want to show you a sad sight.........

a very sad sight........
Yep.....sad!  Test time starts next week with the state writing assessment so I wanted to get the desks set so it didn't throw my kiddos.  I HATE  dislike the classroom like this!!!  There's no room, I feel like my kids in the back are a block away!!  Next week it will be even sadder because all the posters and anchor charts and anything cute will be down:(((((  WAAAAA!  But as soon as they collect my tests and we get the all clear I'm putting these desks back to groups and we are going Seuss CRAZY!!  So it will be happy after it's sad!!

I posted a new activity for Math on my Teachers Notebook store.  It's called Decimal Times (I'm not very creative with the naming of things.......sorry) Anywho, it has 4 sets (8 tasks per set)  of color coded task cards - 2 sets for multiplication and 2 sets for decimals.  I'm going to use them in Math centers tomorrow.

If you want to give them a peek, click HERE at Decimal Times.

I also wanted to share a last minute, pull it out of nowhere, quickie activity.  I was doing a mini lesson on Cause Effect  yesterday during Daily 5.  We used an adorable activity Cause Effect Treasure from the lovely Mary at Pitner's Potpourri.  Love her stuff.  After we finished the little pirate lesson
 I gave each of the kids half of a sentence strip, they folded it in half, wrote cause on one side, effect on the other.  Then the peeps had to come up with 2 sentences, one cause, one effect....write the sentences and then illustrate......hence the repurposed sentence strips.....well, they weren't really repurposed because they weren't used before but they had been sitting in my cabinets for a looooong time AND they weren't being used for sentences.....well, they were but.......oh, you get the idea! 
These are hard to read...the first one says:
The man was in the rain.  He got soaking wet when he got home.
The second one says:
It was thundering out.  I put my kite away.

The pics on these 2 crack me up.....both people face my kiddos art work:D


  1. omgosh!! ahh!!! I'm so glad I don't have to do that this year! After spending 7 years in 3rd grade, I'm so relieved to be back in 2nd...though I must say there is WAY more testing in 2nd than in 3rd...and it takes TEN THOUSAND YEARS! lol...Good Luck to you Tara! Though I"m sure it's in the bag!

  2. LOL... that is how desks ALWAYS were when I was a kid... and yes it does look much less welcoming and comfortable that way! But its great that you are following up all this testing nonsense with something super-fun like Dr. Suess mania!

  3. Great idea with the sentence strips! I have some (I think) that I can use to do that activity! Can't wait to see how your room looks post-testing =)

    1. I have recently started my own blog if you want to stop by for a visit! Be warned I am a work in progress LOL

  4. Good luck with FCAT writes! I'm sure your students will do great! :)
    Rambling About Reading

  5. Good luck with testing.

    Love your cause and effect strips. Cute/great idea!
    Dragonflies in First

  6. I don't miss the testing at all:) I did want to say congratulations on being the shop of the week on Teachers Notebook!! That is AWESOME!!

  7. Good luck with testing! Hopefully it will pass quickly so you can get back to being HAPPY!

    Misty @
    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  8. Oh I hate having to move desks like that and especially taking EVERYTHING down! UGH!

    GOOD LUCK with the test!!

  9. Your room is sad. Sad. Tho thad. I hope your testing goes well and you'll show us all the fab Seuss stuff going on!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  10. Love the borders for your task cards? Where did you find it?

    1. Frog Spot....the link is on the cover of the activity:)

  11. I totally feel your pain on the writing test. We have ours March 6th and 8th. I'll be turning my room into a testing prison this week! :( Good luck! If you're blog is any indication of the teacher you are, they'll do great!



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